A Note From Your Fourth Grade Teachers
Fourth Grade Connections
September 22nd, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

It has been an amazing start to the year in fourth grade. We are building a great class community, continuing to practice classroom routines, learning our weekly schedule and having lots fun. Coastweek at Sea Crest and our mini-shark unit are underway and we are excited to share what we have learned on Friday, September 23 with the rest of the lower school. We hope you all received our email for SignupGenius and scheduled a conference time for October 6th, 7th or 10th. If you have not, please let us know and we can make sure you get a time. See you at conferences and around campus.


Your Fourth Grade Team
Lucinda Druck and Tyler Elliot

In Reading Workshop, we are...

  • learning how to choose a "Just Right" book
  • close-reading nonfiction texts to find multiple big ideas
  • using nonfiction text features to help us answer our Shark Week questions
In Writing Workshop, we are...
  • learning how to keep a writing notebook
  • learning different strategies to generate ideas for our writing
  • keeping track of our writing stamina through timed writing sessions
Math & Science


  • Investigating Place Value to 1,000,000
  • Building "BIG" numbers with base-10 blocks

Shark Weeks "Big Questions

  1. "Are sharks as scary as people think they are?
  2. What makes a shark such a great hunter? 
  3. Why do we need to care about sharks populations?
Upcoming Events

Friday 9/23: Special Ocean Adventure Assembly with two guest presentations and Coastweek at Sea Crest Learning Share Out where lower school classrooms will present their experiences celebrating the ocean.

Saturday 9/24 - Sunday 9/25: We encourage all our families to participate in our Coastal Cleanup Challenge by attending any of the Coastal Cleanup Days organized by the California Coastal Commission. Please click here to find a beach nearby and help us protect our beautiful sanctuary!

Saturday 9/24:

Sunday 9/25:

Don't forget to wear Sea Crest gear and share your pictures on social media using the hashtag: #SeaCrestCoastweek, or email us at communications@seacrestschool.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday 9/28: Our first school-wide Preventative Lice Check of the year. Please make sure your child comes prepared:

  • Dry hair
  • No braids, hair clips, or hats
  • Students with longer hair should come with ponytails or pack a hair tie so they can put hair up after they are checked

Thank you for your help in keeping our school lice-free!

Thursday 10/6, Friday 10/7 & Monday 10/10: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Fundraising Opportunity
Purchase a New Leaf Gift Card to support Sea Crest

Do you shop at New Leaf Market? If you do, you can help raise funds for Sea Crest by purchasing a new New Leaf Gift Card, or reloading an existing one with Cathy at the front desk, and using it each time you shop.

The school receives up to 5% when you purchase with this card . You can purchase a card in increments of $50, $100, $250, or $500 by writing a check to Sea Crest for that amount.

Please consider taking this opportunity to help raise funds for our school. Last year we raised over $1600!

How to Reach Us
  • If questions come up, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are available by email at ldruck@seacrestschool.org and telliott@seacrestschool.org. Email is our preferred method of communication. We will check our email after school daily.

  • If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at 650.712.9892.
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