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4th of July EMF News  
Hello All,


Local Actions     

CA Only
Special Message: Taking Over KPFK, for LA, Houston, DC and Berkeley Only
Smart Meter Saga
Smart Phones Not So Smart After All

Cell Towers Losing Power
EMFs Meet Big Brother
EMFs Etc.
EHS Anyone?
We're Not Lying, We're Just Advertising :))
Cancer Schmancer
Geoengineering and Us
Reality Check

Local Actions

CA Only 


AB57 - The CA Bill to Fast Track All Cell Tower Applications HEARING MOVED TO JULY 15TH 9:30AM IN SACRAMENTO - Please Come If You Can or Please Send a Comment if You Can't Go. 

The deadline to get in your comments and group's opposition to the committee analyst is now next Wed at 5pm.  Please send all comments to:


brian.weinberger@sen.ca.gov AND  






Taking Over KPFK LA, Houston, DC and Berkeley Only   


From: John Wenger, 310-619-7714 (24 hours)

I recommend that the EMF Health Problems and Surveillance Group elect as many members as possible to the KPFK Local Station Board in order to mandate programming about EMF-induced health problems and Electronic Surveillance.
The local boards set the policies, by laws and programming for the station.  This could include mandating the station carry a minimum amount of programming on EMF health problems and Surveillance.

Registration period for becoming a voter, before becoming a candidate, has begun and runs through July 14.  Minimum cost to become a voting member or candidate is $25.  To join online simply pledge online at http://www.kpfk.org/index.php/pledgesupport/pledgeonline#.VYsFo6ZU87A.

To obtain a candidate-registration packet, download it from Elections.Pacifica.Org.

The EMF Health Problems and Surveillance Group has the opportunity to elect  several members to the board, depending on the size of the voter turnout. It will take about 150 voters to elect each board member if this election follows the same pattern as the last one.  If we partner with similarly minded organizations, whose issues are also avoided by KPFK, we can potentially elect even more to the board. 

Board members should expect to attend one local, three-hour meeting each month.  
Please join KPFK so that you can vote in the election this fall, and consider running for the board.  Please pass the word along to your like minded friends.      




Smart Meter Saga 

Utility regulator deletes messages to utility, destroys device with evidence... 
Surprise, Surprise, Corp Con Messages to APS Are Gone

Home Owners Vivid Account of Smart Meter Explosion in Ontario, Canada plus Initial Government Reaction

Utility Industry Aware of Safety and Accuracy Issues with Digital Meters for Years

Hydro One Goes Dark

Simple Rebut to Recent BC Hydro Notice, By Brian Thiesen

Vid, attorney suing over 5 billion dollar cover up at San Onofre nuclear power plant...  
Everything the CPUC Has Done Should be Re-Opened


CBS News...
Are WIFI Signals Making You Sick? 

The Woman Allergic to Electricity, 5o Year Old Dons Protective Suit and Veil to Go Outside as She Claims WIFI Can Kill Her 

Study, This is How WIFI Radiation is Killing Trees

The Town that Banned WIFI 





Cell Towers Losing Power

Australian Farmer's 1.5 Million Dollar Cell Tower Battle 





EMFs Meet Big Brother   

Dr. Katherine Albrecht - Brain Cancer Surgery Survivor, Coast to Coast Radio, Target Stores to Roll Out RF ID Tracking Devices,  Starts at 9.00 minutes in...
New Tracking Technology Introduced to Stores

Geo Intelligence - Casting a Neural Net on Humanity - RFID Not Required

Fascinating interview from last year...
Dr. Peter Breggin MD on DARPA Brain Chip Program

Google Chrome Eaves Dropping Tool Installed on Computers Without Consent

The meter records conversations and can film people...

 Nanoparticles Enable Remote Control of Brains Via Magnetic Field, New Study 






EMFs Etc.


She went in for back pain treatment...
"His research was a threat to many representing huge financial losses in the hundreds of billions,"
An excellent over view by Info Wars...
Low Frequency Sonar to Kill Thousands of Alaskan Sea Creatures...

Reality Check

Excellent vid to put things in perspective...

Special thanks for articles from: Jerry Flynn, Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Dr. Talmor, Power Watch News, Omega News, Electricsense, Sky Vision Solutions, Global Research, Eon, The Microwave Factor, Info Wars, Richard Conrad, Suzanne Short, Kevin Mottus, Andre Fauteaux, Deborah Taveris, Sebastian Sanzotta, Patricia Burke, Brian Thieson, Mary Steel, Jenny Miller, Toby and Ellen Cecil, Leah Spitzer, Marcela Gibbons, Dave Ashton, George Parker, Warren Woodward, Amy O'Hair, Edna Willadsen


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