May 12, 2017

BBVLP presents at the American Bar Association Equal Justice Conference

BBVLP Executive Director Nancy Yarbrough and BBVLP attorneys Katrina Brown , Heather Bussey , and Graham Hewitt presented to more than 75 legal aid attorneys as part of the American Bar Association Equal Justice Conference in Pittsburgh last week.

The BBVLP's presentation was titled, "Legal Urgent Care: Walk In Walk Out 40 Clients In Under 4 Hours!"  It focused on teaching others across the country how to replicate the BBVLP's successful Help Desk model.

"It was a great honor to be chosen to present to our peers," Nancy said. "We had previously won an ABA Award for our Help Desk model so people want to hear about how pro bono attorneys in Birmingham are making a difference."

 You can sponsor  PRO HOPS VINO! on September 21, 2017!

This year Pro Hops Vino!, our wine- and beer-tasting party, has a new cool venue...the Negro Southern League Museum!

Click here to become a sponsor.  Email Nancy Yarbrough or call  at  205-250-5198, ext. 1.

1.  Please help this grandmother adopt her grandson

This grandmother has had custody of her fifteen year old grandson since he was born. She informed the BBVLP that her daughter is willing to sign the adoption papers and that the child's father is deceased. The client is organized and motivated to get this adoption done as quickly as possible. (16-0005855)
2. Please help this client fight an unlawful non-payment of rent lawsuit

This client is being sued for nearly $5000 for non-payment of rent. She believes she does not owe the money because of the unlivable conditions of the house. The house is rat infested and has electrical issues. She addressed the issue in July 2016 and again in October 2016, but changes were never made.  The client had no choice but to remove herself from the uninhabitable conditions. (17-0008665)

3. Please help this cancer patient create a simple will

This breast cancer survivor client needs help creating a simple will and healthcare directive. She is currently suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma and has previously had breast cancer, as well as open heart surgery. These health conditions have caused her to be overwhelmed with medical bills, which increases her stress and health burden. The client is motivated to have this will drafted to provide her with peace and reassurance that her affairs are in order . (17-0008724)  

4.  Please help this client get a divorce from her abusive spouse

Since the client moved from Tennessee to care for her grandmother, her husband has started to harass her and her four-year-old daughter. Her husband came to the home where she was taking care of her grandmother and they were involved in a physical altercation. The police were called and a police report was filed. The client's husband has often been verbally and mentally abusive. (17-0008791)

5. Please help a mother of one through her divorce 

The client's spouse is currently in jail for two u nlawful possession of a controlled substance charges, a possession of contraband charge, and a DUI. Please help this mother end this relationship.

*This is the second time in eBrief
Click  here to volunteer at a Help Desk! We are seeking volunteers for all of 2017 and for the following dates in the next weeks:

Civil Help Desk:
Monday 5/15/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Thursday 5/18/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Domestic Relations Help Desk:
Wednesday 5/17/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Veterans Help Desk:
Thursday  5/24/2017
2:00 p.m. - 4 p.m.

 HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
  5/1 - 5/11
113 clients served
Civil Help Desk: 63 clients served
Alan Garner
Alan Garner Legal Service
Julie Goyer

James Illston
Merrell Law Firm
Kendra Johnson

Leon Johnson

Loring Jones
Jones & Associates
Brooke Malcom
Lightfoot Franklin & White
Randy Moffett
Randy Moffett Law
Lance Parmer
Cabaniss Johnston
Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis

Bill Prosch
Prosch Law Firm

David Webster
Legal Services of Alabama
Domestic Relations Help Desk: 27 clients served
Patricia Doblar and student volunteer Ramsha Gowani 
from Brown Mackie College
Melinda Guillaume

James Illston
Merrell Law Firm
Leon Johnson

Preston Martin
Bressler Amery & Ross
John Milledge

Pam Weed

Homeless Help Desk: 16 clients served
Thomas Brinkley
Maynard Cooper
James Gibson
Lightfoot Franklin & White
Robert Dow
Maynard Cooper
Bowman Givhan, Jr.
Maynard Cooper

Allison Taylor
Maynard Cooper
Domestic Relations Self-Represented Docket : 7  clients served
April Bauder
Merrell Law Firm
Melinda Guillaume
Jennifer Schniper

Melissa Doggett
Kimberly Vines
April Bell
Ramsha Gowani
Brown Mackie College

Hansen Babington
Balch & Bingham
April Bauder
Ernest Bates
Jennifer Buettner
Southern Nuclear
Maura Goodwyn
Monica Graveline
Southern Company
James Illston
Merrell Law Firm
Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis
Jessie Hardy
Kirk Drennan

Jessie helped a domestic violence victim through her divorce. Her client stated " Jessie Hardy was a great attorney and I am pleased with her service."

Browne Linder, III

Browne helped a client receive a $26,000 child support judgment.
Katie Powell
Butler Snow

Katie helped a disabled client receive her divorce. Her client stated "Ms. Powell was excellent, I was very happy with her. She has a pleasant personality."

Je ssica Powers
Powers Injury Law

Jessica helped with an uncontested adoption by the child's step-parent.

Debra Krotzer
Carr Allison

Debra volunteered to help a client get a guardianship over a family member who suffers from a mental illness. 

BBVLP seeking AmeriCorps members

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an AmeriCorp volunteer with the BBVLP, email a cover letter and resume to  Serra Craig. For information on the AmeriCorps program click  here. Questions about your service with the BBVLP? Email our current awesome AmeriCorps Members,  Sidni Smith and Taylor Elom

Benefits include:
· Stipend of $1000/month (pre-taxes)
· An educational award of $5,815 upon completion
· Health insurance for the individual
· Student loan forbearance and interest accrual
· Child care subsidy and SNAP eligibility for those who qualify
· Extensive personal and professional development

Donations from the community are the number one funding source for the Volunteer Lawyer Program.  Click here to donate.

There are two ways attorneys can choose to help with the Volunteer Lawyer Program. Click here for what you can do.

Only clients who cannot afford representative are served by the BBVLP. Click  here to see eligibility guidelines.