May 19, 2017

Please consider volunteering with the BBVLP!

We are in great need of volunteer attorneys to serve at next week's Help Desks. Please volunteer by clicking  here.
Civil Help Desk:
Monday 5/22/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Homeless Help Desk
Tuesday 6/06/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Domestic Relations Help Desk:
Wednesday 5/24/2017
8:30 am - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Veterans Help Desk:
Wednesday 5/24/2017
2:00 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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1. Please help this client, currently living in a shelter, deal with her eviction

This client has been living at King's Home since last year, due to an eviction. She was a good tenant and up-to-date on her rent until she had a decrease in her income in September of 2016.  She tried to pay her back rent but management refused to accept it and kept giving her different amounts as to what she owed. Please help her straighten this situation out.

2. Please help this client deal with an eviction from a property that has been deemed "unlivable" by the city

This client has been receiving threatening letters from the landlord, even though she has determined the landlord does not even own the property.  She has refused to pay this month's rent due to multiple problems at the home that have gone unaddressed, such as tree limbs on the roof and an air conditioning system that no longer works.  The City of Birmingham has issued a letter to the landlord stating that the structure does not comply with the provisions of the property maintenance code.  This client believes case should be dismissed due to the fact that landlord is not the owner of the property and therefore cannot file this lawsuit.

3. Please help homeless man through his divorce

Please help this homeless man navigate the divorce process. He has been separated from his wife several years and cannot locate her. Please help!

4. Please help this disabled domestic violence victim through her custody case

This client's ex-boyfriend is currently in jail and charged with strangulation and assault of the client. The parties have three children that were taken by DHR due to the boyfriend's violent behavior. Please help this client regain custody of her children. 

*This the second time in eBrief
*Client's face is blurred due to domestic violence 

5. Please help this cancer patient and father of two children through his divorce
Our client has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Carcinoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Please help him navigate the divorce process. ( 17-0008640)

*This is the second time in eBrief

 HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
  5/1 - 5/11
84 clients served
Civil Help Desk: 35 clients served
Alan Garner
Alan Garner Legal Service
James Gibson

Kendra Johnson
Leon Johnson
Loring Jones
Jones & Associates
Priscilla Kelley

Preston Martin
Bressler, Amery & Ross

Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis
Bill Prosch
Prosch Law Firm

David Webster
Legal Services Alabama
Domestic Relations Help Desk: 36 clients served
Ernest Bates and Jennifer Buettner
Southern Company
April Bauder, Merrell Law firm and Elliot Spillers, AmeriCorps Service Member
Haley Box,
Legal Services of  Alabama and Adam LeRoy
Courtney Brown Dubberly, Sandy Gregory Firm  
Maura Goodwyn

Leon Johnson
Priscilla Kelley
Pam Weed

Domestic Relations Self-Represented Docket : 13  clients served
Kim Davidson
James Illston
Merrell Law Firm
John Milledge
April Bell
Ramsha Gowani
Brown Mackie College
Elliot Spillers
Jessica Chang
Cumberland School of Law
Adam LeRoy
Legal Services of Alabama 


April Bauder
Merrell Law Firm
Jason Bonar

Ted Stuckenschneider

Ted helped a client file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Alicia Haynes
Haynes & Haynes

Helped a domestic violence victim through her divorce.
Melody Eagan
Lightfoot Franklin White 

Helped a client through her divorce case.

Louis Montgomery

Helped a client win a custody case.

Brad Howell
Meadows & Howell

Brad volunteered to help a Client with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
Haley Box,
Legal Services Alabama, 

Agreed to help a domestic violence victim through her divorce.

Farah Majid, in Legal Services Alabama' s Huntsville office, handled LSA's appeal.
Low-wage workers win big victory in Alabama's courts

Samantha Nettles and Lenita Merrida are like a lot of Legal Services Alabama's clients: they work, but don't earn enough to call it a living wage, and their cash strapped status means they struggle to pay their bills on time. When they both fell behind on their payments to Credit Acceptance Corporation, a company that primarily finances high interest loans for used cars, their cars got repossessed. Then, they got sued for thousands of dollars for missed payments. When they couldn't pay up, they got hit with judgments and garnishments, and interest on the judgments at rates over 20%. 

Both Ms. Ne ttles and Ms. Merr ida faced garnishment of 25% of their paychecks for their delinquent car loans. Each woman earned around only $5 00 every 2 weeks. When Ms. Nettles came to LSA, she supported two children by herself, and was pregnant with a third. Ms. Merrida was the sole source of support for her young grandchild.           

On Friday, May 12, LSA won a victory at the Court of Civil Appeals on behalf of both of the clients. The Court returned to the rule that as long as you can show you are spending your wages on necessary living expenses, you get to hold a minimum sum of $1,000 from your paycheck at any given time. B ecause Ms. Nettles and Ms. Merrida were easily able to make this showing, they are entitled to claim their limited, meager wages as exempt every paycheck.           
Congratulations to LSA and Farah Majid!

BBVLP seeking AmeriCorps members

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an AmeriCorp volunteer with the BBVLP, email a cover letter and resume to  Serra Craig. For information on the AmeriCorps program click  here. Questions about your service with the BBVLP? Email our current awesome AmeriCorps Members,  Sidni Smith and Taylor Elom

Benefits include:
· Stipend of $1000/month (pre-taxes)
· An educational award of $5,815 upon completion
· Health insurance for the individual
· Student loan forbearance and interest accrual
· Child care subsidy and SNAP eligibility for those who qualify
· Extensive personal and professional development

Donations from the community are the number one funding source for the Volunteer Lawyer Program.  Click here to donate.

There are two ways attorneys can choose to help with the Volunteer Lawyer Program. Click here for what you can do.

Only clients who cannot afford representative are served by the BBVLP. Click  here to see eligibility guidelines.