May 20, 2016 

From left to right:  James Illston, April Bauder,  Merrell Law Firm , John Milledge, Tereza Sampaio, Melinda Guillaume, Carla Perkinson, Patricia Doblar, Priscilla Kelley, Meredith Busby
Introducing the Domestic Relations "A-Team"!

Every Wednesday, a core group of domestic relations attorneys volunteer at the BBVLP Domestic Relations Help Desk. This group of "A Team" volunteers, along with other dedicated volunteer attorneys, show up to help upwards of 35 clients with legal issues ranging from divorce to custody to domestic violence. James Illston, a consistent volunteer, says he is rewarded by "the general sense of relief and reassurance I get from the people I see at the Help Desk when they understand what they need to do in their situation." Priscilla Kelly, who has been volunteering with the BBVLP since 2014, says she volunteers because she knows that "there are situations in the news every day that may well have turned out differently if there had been a Help Desk for someone to go to."
1. Client seeks help with medical bills when she couldn't afford insurance
This client racked up thousands of dollars of medical bills when she could not afford health insurance and suffered a serious illness. She now lost her job, cannot keep up with the past due bills, and is seeking relief by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. (16-0005846) 

Client's face is blurred because she is a domestic violence victim. 
2. Client needs help divorcing abusive husband

This client is in desperate need of help from a kind attorney as she is unable to navigate the legal system alone because she first suffered a brain aneurysm and then was abused by her husband. This will not be a difficult divorce to obtain because there are no children, no property is at issue, the client has an address for the spouse so service will not be a problem, and the client is in contact with the YWCA to receive other services if needed. It is also possible that the spouse will not answer the complaint so this divorce may be able to be obtained by default.  (16-0005824)

Client's face is blurred because she is a domestic violence victim. 
3. Help this client end 16 years of suffering

This school teacher has been abused by her husband for 16 years and has finally gotten the courage to move on. A Protection from Abuse order is in place and the client is well organized. (16-0005831) 

Client's face is blurred because she is a domestic violence victim.
4. Grandmother needs help escaping abuse

For 35 years, this client has suffered at the hands of her husband but when he beat her in front of her 13-year-old grandson she knew she needed to get away. This will not be a difficult divorce as there are no minor children and a Protection from Abuse Order has already been established. The client has social support from the YWCA. 

Monday & Thursday Mornings

Loring Jones, Jones & Associates, helps a client at the Civil Help Desk
Wednesday Mornings

Maura Goodwyn talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Firehouse| 2nd & 4th at Pathways

Kathy Collier , Balch & Bingham, speaks to a client at Pathways Women Shelter.

Ida Tyree-Hyche, Tyree Hyche & Dixion 

Ida helped a client obtain a guardianship over her mother.
Ann Gathings, Gathings Law

Ann was able to work out a settlement so that her client could reasonably pay his child support payments each month. 
Melanie Atha, Cabaniss Johnston

Melanie helped her client end an unhappy long-term marriage.

Linda Hall

Linda helped her client receive a divorce.
Meredith Busby
Kathy Collier , Balch & Bingham
Patricia Doblar
Melinda Guillaume
Linda Hall
James Illston
Kendra Johnson
Priscilla Kelley
Preston Martin , Bressler Amery
Alexander McSwain  
Ryan Myers, Cory Watson
Tarackia Phillips-Barge

Kayla Schoen, Bressler Amery 
Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School 
Constantin Post, Cumberland Law School 
Sidni Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rebecca Wadley, YWCA
Tereza Sampaio
Kimberly K. Vines, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Watch the BBVLP this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on The Attorneys on WVTM 13

Thank you to Hollis Wright for having BBVLP Executive Director Nancy Yarbrough as a guest on The Attorneys, airing this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on WVTM 13. Carter Clay, a partner at Hollis Wright, focused the show on how clients can avoid foreclosure with information about the Foreclosure Prevention Partnership and how clients can obtain both legal and other financial help from nonprofits working together to help families avoid foreclosure.

Congratulations to BBVLP Board Member Lisa Borden and Baker Donelson

Hats off to BBVLP Board Member  Lisa Borden for receiving a prestigious American Bar Association award  for making an outstanding contribution to the quality of justice in Birmingham, ensuring that the legal system is open and available to all.

The Pro Hops Vino! website is up and running

Be a part of the second annual Pro Hops Vino! party, which sold out in 2015, where Birmingham's legal community, their clients, and colleagues will taste exceptional wines, craft beers, and delicious food from local restaurateurs while raising funds to help low-income families overcome life-altering legal issues.

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