May 27, 2016 

Get your ticket to Thursday's "Rock the Bar"!

It's time to get your ticket to this Thursday's "Rock the Bar," the main fundraiser for the Birmingham Bar Foundation, by clicking  here . You don't want to miss out on this fun event at Side Bar in Lakeview at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 2nd. Tickets are $50, which is a deal because you receive fabulous food, beer, wine, and live music ! You also can take home a steal of a prize by bidding at the auction on prizes including Alabama and Auburn tickets, rare cigars, and a Kate Spade purse - check out the complete list of auction items here .

The Birmingham Bar Foundation is a sister organization to the Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program and is part of the overall Birmingham Bar Association. The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Birmingham Bar and supports educational programs that promote justice including exposing high school students to the court systems by inviting them to hear oral arguments from the Alabama Appellate Courts in a special proceeding in Birmingham. The Volunteer Lawyers Program is the pro bono arm of the Birmingham Bar Association and supports the enormous contribution of Birmingham attorneys to volunteer to help citizens unable to afford representation.
1. Young mother needs help filing Bankruptcy 
This y oung mother would like to file Bankruptcy. This woman lost her job and has been unable to pay her bills. She believes the only way to avoid losing everything is by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 

2. Couple Needs help filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after both losing jobs

This couple both lost their jobs in November 2015. Both the husband and wife are currently looking for employment, while still trying to take care of their son.  ( 16-0005847)

3. Veteran needs your helps

This client, who is a disabled Afghanistan Veteran, became a truck driver for a local company after deployment. He worked for the company for more than 6 months all while suffering from PTSD/anxiety stemming from his time in service. After his employers learned of this conditio n they fired the client stating that he did not have the "capacity" to drive a truck. (16-0005921)

4. Grandmother wants to adopt grandchild after mother's death in 2006

This client would like to adopt her granddaughter whose mother passed away in 2006. After a court order DNA testing to determine that the man listed on the child's birth certificate was not the child's father, the judge ordered for the man's name to be removed from the birth certificate. The grandmother has had full custody of her granddaughter since 2006. ( 16-0005920)

Client's face is blurred because she is a domestic violence victim. 
5. Help this client end 16 years of suffering

This school teacher has been abused by her husband for 16 years and has finally gotten the courage to move on. A Protection from Abuse order is in place and the client is well organized. (16-0005831)

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Client's face is blurred because she is a domestic violence victim. 
6. Grandmother needs help escaping abuse

For 35 years, this client has suffered at the hands of her husband but when he beat her in front of her 13-year-old grandson she knew she needed to get away. This will not be a difficult divorce as there are no minor children and a Protection from Abuse Order has already been established. The client has social support from the YWCA. (16-0005828)

This is the second time on eBrief.

Monday & Thursday Mornings

Preston Martin,  Bressler, Amery & Ross, helps a client at the Civil Help Desk.

Wednesday Mornings

Meredith Busby talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Pathways | 2nd & 4th at Firehouse

James Bedsole, Bressler, Amery & Ross, assists a client at the Homeless Shelter Help Desk.


Thomas Little, Smith, Spires & Peddy

Thomas volunteered to help a client who was having collection issue with a former landlord.
James Bedsole, Bressler, Amery & Ross
Meredith Busby
Patricia Doblar
Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume
James Illston
Priscilla Kelley
David Lawson
John Milledge
Tarackia Phillips-Barge
Honza Prchal , Heninger Garrison Davis
Bill Prosch
Kayla Schoen,  Bressler,  Amery & Ross
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner,  The Berliner Firm
Donnie Winningham,  Bressler, Amery & Ross

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School 
Constantin Post, Cumberland Law School 
Sidni Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rebecca Wadley, YWCA
Benjamin Cohn, Williams, Elliott & Edwards
Maibeth Jernigan Porter, Maynard Cooper

Donations from the community are the number one funding source for the Volunteer Lawyer Program. Click  here to donate.
There are two ways attorneys can choose to help with the Volunteer Lawyer Program. Click here for what you can do.