2009 St. Francis 50 
Located: St. Augustine , FL
Asking Price: $525,000
1999 Norseman 430
Located: Key Largo, FL 
Asking Price: $410,000

2018 Lagoon 42
Located: En route to Tortola BVI 
Asking Price: $630,000
2006 Gemini 105Mc
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Asking Price: $119,000

1996 Prout 45: Owner's Edition Aerorig Catamaran
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL  
Asking Price: $275,000

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2015 Gunboat 55
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Was:  $1,882,000 
Now: $1,863,000

2008 Lagoon 440
Located: Ft Lauderdale, FL
Was:  $349,000  
Now: $345,000

Join us and be part of "OPERATION SAIL IT FORWARD BVI " 

Come to Annapolis Boat Show to book a charter aboard our new Lagoon 42's and Lagoon 450's in Tortola, BVI and support Captain Johnny Rotten who has booked our Lagoon 450 November 25, 2017 in BVI! Captain Johnny Rotten will be documenting his trip advising on anchorages, beach bars, restaurants, dive spots and more for the next Charter Guests. Daily updates will be posted about Captain Johnny's findings in Tortola, BVI aboard our new Lagoon 450.

Our Guests and Catco know the most useful donation is to go sailing!  Be part of "OPERATION SAIL IT FORWARD BVI 2017" 

We have many more Charter Guest who are doing the same as Captain Johnny Rotten - Pay it forward and book a charter.  Use your videos, updates, articles to share with other Charter Guests!

Sail aboard our new catamarans arriving Oct. 7 in BVI
Boat Show Schedule 
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is next...opens Nov 1, 2017

Dates: November 1 - 5, 2017

Dates: February 15 - 19, 2018

Buy a Lagoon or Gemini Catamaran and act as a Charter Business in USA & Caribbean.  Day Charter Business plan available for you to study prior to visiting us at Annapolis Boat Show.  Term Charter Business Plan available in Tortola, BVI.  Request Charter Business Plan today to find out income, charter related expenses, fixed expenses, maintenance and what your NET return could be per year!

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