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It's Summer!

Yeah, I know, I know, we thought that before, but this time I think it's really true!

There's lots of outdoor activities to do in the summer and it's important to soak up the vitamin D, but sometimes ya gotta get into the air conditioning and just chill, right?  I'm excited to announce five, yep, count 'em, FIVE, new reasons to leave the house...for 5 new classes/groups at Babies in Common.  They start in July and are meeting some desires that some of you have voiced.  Sometimes the stars seem to need to align to make these new classes happen, so yey, the stars are out and in line!  Hip, hip, hooray! (Do people really say that anymore? Actually, I recently saw a minute of black-and-white film of a golf tournament and as they appreciated the winner, they all yelled "hip, hip, hooray!" together.  Sooo old school, but cute!)


What are the new classes and groups?  Zippy Babies Playgroup (for parents with babies who are moving around), More Milk Mamas (for moms and kids who are active and older and still nursing), Babywearing with Woven Wraps, the BinC Working Moms Network and Growing Roots is back (moms with babies 0-5 months). See below for details. 

first aid
Awesome, out for a big ride. 

Summer is also hard work.  Lots of walking, gardening, maybe you're doing more exercise, lifting heavy boxes of, consider getting a massage at Babies in Common.  A cool mama with lots of experience in different kinds of massage, Rachel, has set up her massage gear (including one of those cool adjustable cushions for pregnant mamas to lay down on their tummies!) at Babies in Common.  Go ahead, help your muscles feel better and schedule a massage (or give one as a gift for someone special in your life!).

I can't express enough how much I love getting to know all of you and how much I enjoy watching you bloom and your babies grow.  If I haven't seen you in a while or if you just want to add something sweet to your day, add the BinC Summer Open House on Thursday, August 15 to your calendar!  The Grafton Farmer's Market happens in the afternoon and I'll be at the office with treats, too.  More details to come.

Have a beautiful weekend breathing in this fresh air and enjoying the life all around us!

Big Hug,

JMF signature
Jeanette Mesite Frem
Chief Mama, Babies in Common

P.S. If you're a mom who comes to any of the weekly daytime groups at Babies in Common (or plans to come soon), please see an important note at the bottom of this page...thanks!
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Massage Therapy for the Whole Family
It's time.  You time.  The time you rejuvenate, meditate and heal yourself from within while a talented massage therapist uses her skills to work on releasing tension and toxins from your body.  It's not a luxury, really, it's a necessity.  And now massage therapy is available with daytime, evening and weekend appointments available. 

Babies in Common is honored that experienced massage therapist Rachel Blessington, LMT has made BinC her new office.  Click here to learn more about her services and to make an appointment online.
Growing Roots

Do you have a baby age 0 - 5 months?  Are you interested in learning everything you need to know to get motherhood off to a great start? Are drop-in groups just not your style?  Are you wishing you could attend a weekly group where the same people are there each week and you get to know each other pretty well?  Are you motivated to get out of the house when you know you have a class you have to get to because you already signed up?  Then this class is for you!

Click here to learn more and to register.
Zippy Babies Playgroup

A group series for "zippy" babies and their parent or caregiver to come to hang out, talk, learn and laugh. 

What is a "zippy" baby?  An older baby who is interested in other babies, who wants to make friends and wants to be moving and playing!  Whether your child is just starting to move or walking, this is a great group to read more, click here.
More Milk Mamas
This weekly group is for those nursing a child who is older, mobile and enjoying other foods (or those who are almost there...come ask questions!).  More Milk Mamas is a casual, drop-in group on Friday afternoons.

Keep in mind that you are also welcome at Breastmilk & Cookies group but some mamas like to have a group for the older babies and read more, click here.
BinC Working Moms Network

If you are a working mom or plan to be, this meeting is for you!

Come meet other working moms, talk about the logistics of working part-time or full-time or even starting your own business! This is your time, for your questions, for you to share your joys and challenges and hear what others think and do as a working mom! The July meeting is the first formal meeting of the Babies in Common Working Moms Network and during this meeting we'll decide on the...
Babywearing Classes

Curious about wearing your baby and just wonder where to start?  Have a carrier or wrap at home and just can't bring yourself to feel confident using it?  Babywearing Bonanza is the perfect class for you!  Come learn, try different things on, bring the ones you have and get tips on them!  To learn more and find out when the next class is, click here.

Already pretty comfortable with babywearing but interested in getting into the creativity and flexibility of woven wraps?  Join some experienced babywrappers as they demonstrate different wraps and help you do them with your baby!  To learn more about the Babywearing with Woven Wraps class and find out when it is, click here.

Also Coming Up (in addition to those above)...

For Parents-to-be
For Parents
Next one is in August (Sunday evenings)
Help your baby sleep better, digest better and bond with you through massage.
Next one coming up on Tuesday evenings in July.
A must for any parent who is curious
about the signs of readiness and the best ways to help your child to use the toilet!
There's still space in THIS SATURDAY's    class at 6:30 pm!
a drop-in moms group (usually 2x per
week).  Babies welcome.
The rest of the story...what you need to know about getting off breastfeeding to a
good start (even before the birth!) and
baby care advice, mama care advice and
so much more.  Not your typical baby
class, that's for sure!
a drop-in moms group for nursing and
pumping moms and those who feed their babies any breastmilk
Pumping and milk-boosting tips...for the
mama who plans to pump
Pumping and milk-boosting tips...for the
mama who is going back to work or trying to make more milk!
next class Saturday, July 20 at 9-11am
Contact to
register.  $30 per person.
next class Saturday, July 20 at 9-11am
Contact to
register.  $30 per person.
Birth Circle for Women
Share a birth story, listen to a birth story, ask questions, learn, laugh
Birth Circle for Women
Mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers,
sisters and babies welcome.

NOTE:  NO Classes and Groups for...

                   June 28 - July 5 and July 28 - August 2

                        just for the following groups/classes: 

          • Nurture Me
          • Breastmilk & Cookies
          • Zippy Babies Playgroup
          • Growing Roots
          • More Milk Mamas

Every child safety seat needs a checkup...there's one THIS SATURDAY!

If you've been to Babies in Common and seen Jeanette, you might have received her 3-4 car seat tips, but if not, feel free to ask her next time you see her!

And if you haven't discovered it already, please check out
The Car Seat Lady on the web and on Facebook!  You and your baby/toddler/preschooler/school-age child will be glad you did.