50th Anniversary Update #1
March 20, 2017
T rivia #1: Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

The photo to the right was taken of our pond on the Fremont campus.

What year was it?  

Trivia #2:

Q: The First Fremont-Newark Community College District Board of Trustees meeting was conducted at Kennedy High School in Fremont. (Board Minutes). What month and year was it held?

                                         Answers: Check out our next update in two weeks!

50th Anniversary Update at College Council - March 20, 2017
At the most recent College Council, a presentation was given to update members of what we have done as well as our upcoming plans.  Thanks to all who had helped with the presentation, decoration of the Board room and preparation of gift baskets that gave Council members a festive taste of the 50th celebrations.

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