A Note From Your Fifth Grade Teachers
Fifth Grade Connections
December 8th, 2016
What We Have Been Learning
Ask Your Child About

Talking with you child is the best way to support their learning and the following questions will help you get started.

  • Why do you add 3 zeroes to the end of 897 when it is multiplied by 1,000?
  • What is 614 x 31?
  • How does light energy get into a coyote?

When your child reads, you can ask or say:

  • Write down any words that may be tricky or they don't understand.
  • What are some character traits of the main character? How do you know this?
  • How has your character changed?
  • What is the problem the character is facing? 
  • Do you have any predictions? 
  • Summarize what you've read so far. 

Your child should be reading for 30 minutes each day!

Secret Elves Bring Joy to 5th Graders
You may have heard of Secret Santa or Secret Snowflake, but new evidence has led scientists to believe that elves may be bringing joy and delight to the 5th graders.
Date | Activity
Wed. Dec. 7    | Draw names for Elf
Mon. Dec.12   | Something made or found
Tue. Dec.13    | An appreciation (handwritten or typed)
Wed. Dec. 14  | Make something with googly eyes (pet rock, wood or shell)
Thur. Dec. 15  | School gift (fidget, pencil, eraser)
Fri. Dec. 16     | Final gift and guess your secret elf
How do you earn the title: Super Secret Elf? Keep your identity a secret.

  • Eat or destroy the name you receive.
  • Ask trusted persons to "deliver" the gift.  Teachers are generally reliable.
  • Organize yourself over the weekend, so you're ready for your daily gift.
  • Be creative.
  • Asking your person if he/she likes your gift is sure to out you.
Thank You
  • Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our Annual Fund! Your donation bridges the gap between tuition and the true amount needed to fund our programs. Fifth Grade's parent participation stands at 61%. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to contribute, please click here to make your gift today. We greatly appreciate it!

  • Thanks to all of you who participated in the Adopt-A-Family program! You have made the holidays special for a local family in need.
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Upcoming Events
Winter Concert / Grandparents & Special Friends Day
Friday, December 16th
Kohrs Family Center
8:30 a.m.
Please make sure your child  wears a nice black top with jeans or khakis. The girls are welcome to wear black dresses.  Winter hats, or other "rocker" type hats are also welcome. 
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