June 10, 2016 

Investigator Albert Duff saves the day by donating his services to help a BBVLP client

When a BBVLP client's husband abandoned her after only two weeks of marriage and then tried to skip out on being served with divorce papers, she thought all was lost. But that was before Ben Cohn , Williams, Elliot and Edwards , (pictured right) and Investigator Albert Duff, Jr entered the picture. Duff, who has been a process server for a total of 12 years and just started his own investigation company, volunteered his services and found the husband. Ben then helped the client obtain her divorce. "I have been working at Ben's law firm for about eight years now," says Duff, "I like to volunteer my services when I can because I know that people can fall into hard times." Cohn, who is a devoted volunteer with the BBVLP and board member says, "The BBVLP has increasingly expanded in the greater Birmingham community and it relies completely on volunteer attorneys to continue its efforts in helping the indigent have equal access to justice.  It's a truly worthy cause and I strongly encourage everyone to contribute either financially or through giving of their time, or both!" Duff can be reached at  Albert Duff Investigations, LLC ( 205-901-4861) or email at  duffinvestigations@gmail.com.

1. Abused client needs help with a simple divorce
This woman, who suffers from Lupus and has custody of her nine-year-old grandson, needs help divorcing her abusive husband who has treated her poorly for more than ten years. No minor children or property are at issue so this divorce should not be difficult to obtain. ( 16-0005951)

2. Grandmother would like to adopt her grandson. 

This client would like to legally adopt her grandson who she has cared for since he was five years old.The BBVLP staff has spoken to both the child's mother and father, and both stated that they wanted to sign over their parental rights.  

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Jack Carney, Carney Dye, advises a woman at Pathways Women's Shelter. 

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