June 24, 2016 

Meet the Summer Interns of the Volunteer Lawyers Program!
The weather is warmer and that can only mean one thing for the BBVLP: summer interns!  The BBVLP has two interns:

-- Constantin Post, from Charleston, graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society. He is a rising 2L at Cumberland. "I was drawn to the focus upon helping those who need it most," Post said, "The BBVLP is making a real difference in the community and it is immensely gratifying to contribute to those efforts." 

-- Sidni Smith, from Birmingham, is a rising junior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham studying Public Health with a concentration in Global Health Studies. "This is the perfect opportunity to experience the legal profession and possibly confirm my interest in law." To learn more about our internship opportunities, email Nancy Yarbrough.
1. Please help abandoned mother through her divorce 
The client's husband, who has been abusive in the past, kicked this mother and seven-year-old child out of the house. They are currently living with family members without any support from her husband. 

This is the second time in eBrief.

*Clients face is blurred due to Domestic Violence 

2. Please help twenty-five year old mother see her two-year-old child.

Father currently has custody and is preventing the mother from visitation with her child. Mother suffers from epilepsy which is being used against her. Please help mother navigate this process. ( 16-0006096)

This is the second time in eBrief.

3.  Please help abused mother through her divorce

Mother of two young children has been abused by her husband. He has been controlling and manipulative throughout the marriage. The client is from the United Kingdom and needs help navigating the court system. 

*Clients face is blurred due to Domestic Violence 

4. Please help finish up this property case

This client was represented by two volunteer attorneys from a large Birmingham firm but the attorneys have found themselves conflicted out right as the case is about to cross the finish line! The attorneys already won in court for the client against two squatters who had taken over his house after they forged the client's deceased mother's name on a deed. Now the squatters are suing the client for repairs they "claim" they made to the home. The volunteer attorneys have filed the appropriate answer but cannot continue because of a conflict. The attorneys are willing to help and work with any new volunteer attorney who wants to get this case finished! (15-0003522)

This is the second time in eBrief.

Monday & Thursday Mornings

John Paul Bruno, The Lorant Group, talks to a client at the Civil Help Desk.

Wednesday Mornings

LaBrenda Norman helps a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Pathways | 2nd & 4th at Firehouse

John Milledge assists a client at Pathways Women Shelter.

Tarackia Barge, Barge Law Firm
Melinda Guillaume
Yu Huang
James Illston
Kendra Johnson
Preston Martin B ressler Amery
John Milledge,  Action Environmental
David Nomberg Nomberg Law Firm
LaBrenda Norman,  L M Norman Law
Bill Prosch,  Bill Prosch Law
Tereza Sampaio
Abby Van Alstyne Quinn Connor Weaver Davies 

Jessica Chang , Cumberland Law School  
Constantin Post , Cumberland Law School  
Sidni Smith , University of Alabama at Birmingham
Barbara Saurer , University of Alabama
Rebecca Wadley YWCA
Tarackia Barge , Barge Law Group

Tarackia helped a client obtain a mortgage modification.
Ida Tyree Hyche , Tyree Hyche & Dixon  

Ida helped a client who had a title issue. She also helped a client obtain a guardianship.

Walter McArdle, Spain & Gillon
Walter helped a client obtain a discharge from bankruptcy.

Ashley Rhea, Maynard Cooper
Ashley helped a client obtain a satisfaction of judgement from District Court.

Price Evans 

Price helped a client create a statutory warranty deed. 
Tommy Buck , Maynard Cooper
Kane Burnette , Bradley Arant
Ann Gathings
Ashley Rhea ,   Maynard Cooper
Lisa Robinson
Leland Murphee , Maynard Cooper
Pamela Weed

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