This Week:
Human Resources | How Employee Engagement Staves Off Burnout 
2 minute read

Overwhelmed and burned-out employees simply aren't as productive, as energetic, or as creative as problem solvers. 

The way to beat burnout is through engagement - bringing your employees into a better understanding of the big picture and their place within it. Employees won't feel like they are drowning in thankless work when they see what the vision is and how  their  part makes a difference.

Member News | Welcome Newest Chamber Members!
Please join our chamber board and staff in welcoming the newest members to the Kamloops Chamber membership, who joined in the month of August.

Be sure to click on their name to learn more about them or to send them a personal welcome.
Productivity | Optimize Your Daily Schedule for Maximum Productivity -- Here's How 
4 minute read

When you have a lot of tasks on your to-do list, you may feel overwhelmed, and find it a struggle even to get started. But having a routine provides structure to your day and allows you to get more done in less time.

Leadership | 6 Ways You Can Succeed As A New Leader 3 minute read

Being a new leader is not only challenging, it's downright intimidating. If you're not having sleepless nights thinking about the things you should and shouldn't be doing then you're not serious enough about succeeding. However, you can sleep easier if you're able to adopt these habits that help you, as a new leader, go beyond success.


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