61st Wyoming Legislature-Weekly Report

SF 52 Teacher Tenure- This bill removes the continuing contract status from the Wyoming teacher employment law. Failed Third Reading in the Senate.



SF 70 Education accountability- It creates the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act and establishes a statewide education accountability system and student performance measures. It imposes duties upon the state board of education and the state superintendent. It prescribes consequences for school level student performance and establishes a legislative select committee to review and expand system components.  Passed Senate and sent to the House


SF 71 Hunter Education Safety-  This bill requires all school districts, in conjunction with the Department of Game and Fish, to provide instruction in safety and competency in handling firearms. This course, offered as either an elective or extracurricular, will be optional for all fifth and sixth graders. Placed on General File in the House.


SF 132 Strangulation of a household member- Makes strangulation of a household member a felony. Passed the Senate and sent to the House.


SF 143- Federal natural resource policy-  Appropriate $250,000 from the general fund to the federal natural resource policy account. Passed the Senate and sent to House Minerals Committee. 


HB 29 DUI elimination of right to refuse test- This bill eliminates the driver's right to refuse to undergo a test to determine the alcohol substance concentration in his body. Placed on General File in the Senate.


HB 35 Health Care Choice and Protection Act-  This legislation establishes the Health Care Choice and Protection Act, providing that enforcement of specified federal laws in Wyoming is a criminal offense and prescribes penalties for such offenses. Passed House and referred to Senate Labor and Health Committee.


HB 52 Charter school restriction-  This act repeals the restrictions upon the establishment of a charter school. Placed on Senate General File.


HB 68 Violent felony definition expansion- Adds "battery and terrorist threat" to the definition of a violent felony. On Third Reading in the Senate.


HB 74 Validity of marriages-  This bill declares that marriages other than of a male and a female person are void, that marriages between more than two parties are void. It further specifies that Wyoming courts do not have jurisdiction over any domestic legal union involving parties who are not a male and a female person or where there are more than two parties to the contract. Placed on General File in the Senate.


HB 76 Game and fish-turkey pioneer licenses- This bill reduces the price of wild turkey licenses to $5 for those born before 1930. On Second Reading in the Senate.


HB 79 Establishment of private roads- This bill amends certain stipulations necessary for the establishment of a private road. Placed on General File in the Senate.


HB 156 Grand Teton National Park transfer of state lands- proposes to directly sell four parcels of state land to the Department of the Interior. Each parcel will be sold every year starting in 2012. Expected revenue is to total $107,000,000. Proceeds from the sale shall be deposited to the common school account within the permanent fund. On Second Reading in the Senate.


HB 191 Wind power taxation- Increases the tax rate from $1 to $3 on each megawatt hour of wind. Failed in the House.


HB 204 Patriotism in the classroom- Proposed by Representative Gay. It requires a flag to be displayed in each classroom and requires the pledge of allegiance to be recited. Passed House and referred to Senate Minerals Committee.


HB 227 Education- constitution instruction-  Requires that on September 17 of each school year, all school districts shall provide instruction on the United States and Wyoming constitutions to students in kindergarten through grade 12, in recognition of the date the United States constitution was signed. Passed the House and sent to Senate Minerals Committee.


HB 248 Unlawful protesting at a funeral- amendments- Forces protesters to picket 900 feet away from a funeral service, opposed to the current 300 feet requirement.Passed the House and sent to Senate Transportation and Military Affairs Committee.


HB 235 Natural gas vehicles- Mandates that the department of transportation shall construct and operate a natural gas filling station as specified. There is appropriated one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) from the general fund to the department of transportation for the purposes of this act. Passed the House and referred to Senate Transportation Committee.


HB 251 Abortion-ultrasound information- Requires the physician to inform the pregnant woman that she has a right to view an active ultrasound of the unborn child. Passed the House.


HJ 2 Resolution- US constitution requiring a balanced budget- A Joint Resolution requesting that Congress submit to the states a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution requiring a balanced budget except in times of war or declared national emergency. Passed House and died in the Senate. 


For the actual bill itself please access: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2011/billindex/BillCrossRef.aspx?type=ALL and then click on your respective bill.

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