What's Better Than Dieting? This is...
Let me set          the table for you…

If you have a weight issue and you think snacking may be your problem, think again...because the right snacks may be your solution!

My story below uncovers the secret to how to squelch a snack attack without breaking the calorie bank.

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When we’re I-could-eat-the-plate hungry, it’s pretty easy for healthy eating to go out the window. At this point, vending machine chocolate bars practically wink at you. To prevent these sorts of tempting moments from taking over, the smartest plan of action is to eat satisfying foods. To do this, you’ll need a combo of protein, whole-grain carbs, and healthy fats. Need a list of suggestions? Read on!

The Skinny on Cherries!

Cherries often get a bad rap for being fattening, but only in pies and tarts! Want to know the benefits of cherries and why they should be a staple in your diet?  

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Why Everyone's Sweet on Tart Cherries!

Still not convinced about cherries? Here's some sweet news about cherries that are tart and why they have risen to superfood status.

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