November 2016
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Will You Ace Your Next Job Interview?
7 Pre-Interview Confidence Boosting Tips For Project Managers

Interviews can be the thing that keeps people from looking for new jobs. They are the hurdle over which you have to jump to get that new job. Don't let a lack of confidence stop you from getting a fantastic new project management role.

Read below for our 7 tips for boosting your confidence before you reach the interview room.
6 Steps to Ensure That You Always Have a Job
Did you ever notice that there are certain people who have great jobs? They are always working even in shaky industries and uncertain times? And then there are those who are unhappy in their careers, or go for long periods of time without work. They blame the world and wonder why bad luck always seems to "happen" to them.

You make your own luck. Your career is great when you focus on making it great. This means not waiting for things to happen; but making things happen instead. It means being proactive instead of reactive. Rather than blaming others for past mistakes, you are passionate about new possibilities. You are not afraid. Instead, you are excited about what you do, and what you contribute every day. 

So how do you make sure you are never without a job?

 Follow These Six Steps Today
Use This Instagram Trick for Your Resume
If you've been temping for a while, you know that contingent work can help you develop skills that will make you more attractive to permanent employers.

But what's the best way to showcase that experience?

While the stigma once associated with contract work is a thing of the past, you're not wrong to worry that employers may wonder about your level of commitment to full-time employment. 

So when describing your experiences as a temporary employee, whether in a resume, cover letter or interview, remember what you've learned from your social media outlets, like Instagram: sometimes the right filter can make all the difference. Just as you might try several filters before posting a profile pic to ensure you look your very best, explore strategies to make your work experience look its very best when showing it off to potential employers.

Experts offer a range of advice for job seekers seeking to transition from temporary to permanent employment.

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Work-Life Balance

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