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April 29, 2011
Featured Speaker on "Breakthrough to Balance"
National Association of Professional Women -

First Annual Conference

Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC

Keynote Speaker: Ivanka Trump

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Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career coaching and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough - in their lives and work, relationships, and in their businesses - to create the success and fulfillment they truly want.  Ellia offers transformative coaching, seminars, marketing consulting and resources that help women achieve their highest visions of passion, power, and purpose.
Kathy's book, Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.

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Greetings! lead learn


These past months I've immersed myself in understanding more about leadership - what makes a great leader, and also, what it takes to lead our own lives authoritatively.


On that front, I was honored to have my article on advancing women in leadership published Friday on!


Here's a look: "Mandating Women at the Leadership Table: Why the Time is Now."

Also, I'm excited to be featured on today's page of The 2011 Woman's Advantage Calendar.  My advice tip was selected for the Woman's Advantage calendar (see from over 5,000 quotes submitted.  My quote is:

"Work-life balance is possible only after you decide what matters most to you in life."


Does that resonate with you?


So, What is Self-Leadership?


Throughout these past months, I've observed that there are several key signs that tell us if we are serving as an effective leader of our own life, or acting a follower who is at mercy of the whims of "fate," letting life unfold without shaping it as we long to. 


Here's what I've found to be Seven Vital Signs that you are leading your life effectively:

1) You know what is true about yourself, and you honor that truth


2) You understand what your Life Intentions are, and you give form to these intentions in ways that serve others and the world


3) You are adept at managing and balancing the six key energy forms in life, including time, money, vitality, creativity, support, and enjoyment 


4) You engage and connect from the heart with others around you, and empower them (and yourself) through your words and actions 


5) You understand what makes life worth living for you, and have the confidence to reflect your core values and passions -- in your daily life, for all to see


6) You have the courage to ask probing questions that move you forward, and you challenge the status quo.  From this courageous standpoint, you are flexible, open and inclusive. 


7) You understand that you're not perfect and have limitations, but love and accept yourself in the face of them.  And when you need to, you get help from respected others to support you and fill in your "gaps" 




Are You Leading Your Life?

Many of my clients say as we begin leadership or career coaching together, "Kathy, I just don't know what my life intentions are, or what is true about myself.  I'm not clear about what is powerful for unique in me, or what I want to bring forward. I've somehow fallen off track, and I feel stuck."


If this sounds like your thinking, please know that you are not alone.  In fact, you're in the vast majority. 

Understanding yourself deeply, and discovering your authentic path of passion, power, and purpose in life and work doesn't just happen - you have to make it happen, by taking charge and stepping up with courage to the process of uncovering yourself.  In short, you have to invest time, energy and commitment in leading your life

New this Spring: Lead My Life! Coaching Program

To help you figure out what you really want -- in your job/career and in your life -- and learn new ways to lead your life effectively, I'm excited to offer this Spring a specially-priced Lead My Life! Coaching Program designed to help you gain clarity on what you want, and determine the best next steps to become a true leader of your own life. 

This special Lead My Life! Coaching Program includes:


1) A one-hour introductory Career Consultation session - complete with my specially-designed Career Path Assessment that will help you understand the key themes of your life and work, your Life Intentions and values, what you want to create/achieve going forward


2) Five (5) follow-up phone coaching sessions (45-minutes each), to help you move forward to bringing into being what you long for most in life and work.


This program is specially-priced this Spring at $649 and covers six powerful coaching sessions that will help you learn how to become the leader of your own life, now and for all time.


So don't wait - register now!  This special offer ends April 26th and is limited to the first 20 registrants. 




Why Now and Why Coaching?


As you know, it's very challenging to engage in the process of understanding yourself deeply, uncovering your blocks and obstacles, then charting a course of fulfillment and success, all by yourself.  As Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem on the level it was created." 


Having a coach, facilitator and mentor who's focused keenly on you and sees in you the great potential that is waiting to be tapped can and will move you forward in breathtaking and exciting ways that you simply can't imagine.


Here's what clients have said about coaching together:


"Finally discovering a niche that's aligned with my purpose has opened a floodgate of ideas, from revamping my website, designing a logo, writing articles to planning workshops and retreats. I finally have the roadmap to my future and the confidence to execute!" -- B.K. - Michigan

"You are so adept at identifying a real and actionable path for taking challenge and turning it into breakthrough. I feel I'm moving forward so quickly after years of being stuck.  This program has been life-changing and so exciting!" - A.C. - Florida


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


This special Lead My Life! coaching program helps you understand finally how to take charge of your life, and lead your career and personal life in the direction that means fulfillment, success, and joy to you.  And you'll finally connect with the internal power, authority, confidence and passion you have inside you, waiting to be released. 



To get your juices flowing, here's, a blog post I wrote some time ago on  "What Do You Really Want - a Job or a "Calling." Hope you find it useful!

I look forward to working with you in this exciting Lead My Life! Coaching Program. Join me. You'll be glad you did, and there's no better time than now. 


Many happy breakthroughs,


P.S. If you found this useful, please forward to your friends/colleagues and share on social media using the links at the top.  Thank you!

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