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7 Ways Healthy People Get There
and Stay There
As much as we would like to find that magic pill, an easy diet, or that perfect balance of mind and body; becoming healthy involves commitment and making some changes to your daily life, its creating a lifestyle that you can live by. Here are the top 7 ways healthy people get there and stay there.
Yes, you can do this too!! 
  1. Eating a Clean Diet There are many diets and advice as to what to eat. But when it comes down to it, simple is best. Our bodies are incredible machines, fuel it right and it will show you what it's capable of. Include a diet of lots of vegetables, no preservatives, artificial additives or colors, limit sugars and no processed foods. The cleaner your food is, the more your body will process and absorb those wonderful nutrients you're eating. You are (and become) what you eat!
  2. Some good  ZZZZZ's
    Sleep is so important to our health and wellness. When we are in a deep sleep we are repairing, healing, releasing growth hormones, regulating hunger hormones, creating new cells, recharging our brain, supporting heart health, keeping our weight in check, motivating our mood, memory and so much more.
    Winding down at night (turn off all technology, meditate, gentle yoga, a warm bath) an hour before bed helps to calm the body and quite the mind so you can have a peaceful and restorative nights sleep.
  3. Positivity
    Most healthy people tend to focus on the positive things in life. They keep their balance( mentally and physically)  by not wasting precious energy on negativity, sadness, or despair and focus on hope, joy and a optimistic outlook. Start the day with a positive word, thought, or vision. This will start you off on the right path.
  4. Manage the Stress
    Long periods of chronic stress are damaging to our bodies, and slowly chip away at health. Hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and Norepinephrine are there for a good reason, to work our fight or flight mechanisms. These help us to flee from danger (fight a tiger, race across the street or jump into action) but in times of chronic stress when these don't shut off, our bodies take a toll. Healthy people learn how to keep their stress in check. Talking to someone, journaling, breathing techniques, meditation, are just a few you can use.
  5. Cultivate Relationships
    Healthy relationships are important for a balanced and healthy life. It has been proven to boost mood and also improve ones quality of life. In the Blue Zone (The environment and lifestyle of the longest living people) healthy social interactions are one of the reasons life is prolonged in these regions. Finding quality social time with friends is key. Friends nourish the body and soul.
  6. Move that body
    Are bodies are made to move and with out it we deteriorate. Exercise isn't always easy, even for a healthy person; the consequences of a sedentary life are not worth it (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression etc.) Healthy people stick to a plan, make small goals, motivate themselves (with the help of others, groups, coaches) and move forward one healthy, consistent step at a time.
  7. Recharge
    Healthy people usually know when its time for a "Time out". When we understand this isn't a luxury but a necessity then we can begin to balance our energy, become self-nurturing, accept self-love, and create the desire to be a better, healthier self.

Switching to a healthier way of life may mean some changes and change isn't easy, but taking small committed steps will keep you focused and not overwhelmed. Ready to get on the path to a long term, happier and healthier you? YES !

In Health,
Lisa Fallon Mindel 

Article inspired by Lifehack 

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