December  - 2016

7 Ways to Build Loyal Customers

If you didn't know it already, the customer is in charge. It is easier than ever to comparison shop and switch from one business to another all from your phone, tablet or computer. However, research has found that in the online market, customers yearn for trustworthiness more than ever. This is especially true of younger generations. Customer relationships are a company's most valuable asset. They are worth more than everything else combined, as zero customers equal zero business. Getting and keeping more customers who stay with you longer is crucial. If your customers are loyal to your business, they will be much more likely to choose you over your competitors. Loyal customers will be much more likely to tell their friends about you. Loyal customers spend more and bring in even more new customers. Loyalty is immensely valuable. Research has shown that a 5% increase in customer retention rates results in a 25% to 95% increase in profits ...


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