March  - 2016

7 Ways to Stay Sharp in Sales  

One of my very good friends, Charles, leads a top performing sales organization selling financial services out of Boise, Idaho. One day we were trading philosophies on sales when Charles decided to tell me a story.

In Africa, as Charles tells it, the natives have a clever way to catch monkeys. They take a coconut shell, cut a small hole in one end, and hollow it out. The hole is just big enough to allow a monkey's hand to enter. Then they attach a string to the other end of the coconut shell, place some peanuts inside, put the shell in the middle of a clearing and hide themselves behind a tree until a monkey comes.
The monkey smells the peanuts inside the shell ... it reaches in to grab the peanuts ... but when it does, its fist, full with peanuts, is too large to pull back through the hole.The natives start pulling on the string and reel the silly monkey in.


Because the monkey will not let go of those peanuts to save his life.


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