7th Graders Love Their Dogs



Kids love dogs. Our 7th grade students are no exceptions. On Sunday, March 6, they are planning to show off their lovable dogs. I am requesting that parents bring their exceptional dogs to Rodeph at 12:00 noon for everyone to see. (Note: this is for 7th grade only.)
Before we meet all the dogs, the kids are going to learn about the Halacha (Jewish Law) toward dogs. The objective is not to learn anything new about caring for our pets, but to understand how Judaism is infused with everything we do. Using both primary and secondary sources, students will discover caring for a pet involves 'adult' responsibilities, and now that they are becoming adults in the Jewish community they will discover  a unique path on how this all comes together.  At 11:00, a member of the ASPCA will speak to the students about how our community, and the students specifically, can make a difference in neighborhoods and towns.
Dogs in Judaism


In Judaism dogs are considered to be unclean, way back when the Torah was written dogs were still traveling in packs, scavenging for garbage, and sometime human corpses. These wild packs of dogs often carried many diseases, and could be dangerous, which is probably why humans tried to stay away from them.

Dogs, however are not all that bad in the Jewish tradition. There is a wonderful midrash which teaches that dogs stayed silent when the Israelites began their exit from Egypt, and thus, the Talmud says Jews should "tolerate" dogs. The Talmud also speaks of dogs as faithful creatures to their masters as protectors, and even speaks of God giving Cain a dog as a symbol of his protection. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Arnie Rotenberg
Congregation Rodeph Sholom


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