August 26, 2016 

Attorney Charles Todd Henderson, right, is a longtime BBVLP volunteer. Henderson is the Democratic nominee for Jefferson County District Attorney and will appear on the November 8th ballot.

Attorney Charles Todd Henderson goes above and beyond this month to help homeless clients and veterans

Attorney Charles Todd Henderson has made it a priority to handle pro bono cases for low-income clients, especially veterans, throughout his life, which is why he was awarded the Alabama State Bar's Pro Bono Award. This past month though, Charles' pro bono work has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

First, Charles volunteered at Project Homeless Connect ( click  here   for a full story on Project Homeless Connect) providing counsel and advice to dozens of homeless clients including almost every veteran who came to the legal area that was administered by the BBVLP. Then, Charles took two of the cases of clients from Project Homeless Connect who needed extra legal help and accepted two more pro bono cases for full pro bono representation from the BBVLP for other homeless clients. He won three of the cases outright and is going to court with the fourth client!

In one case, Charles negotiated with the City of Homewood to dismiss an old traffic violation that was prohibiting a homeless woman from obtaining a driver's license and getting a job. In two more cases, Charles helped a homeless man get his traffic violation case reset so he could obtain identification and got another case dismissed for a homeless client also needing ID to get a job. In the fourth case, Charles is helping a homeless woman by going to trial with her.

"I put a high priority on pro bono work because I believe in service and believe that everyone deserves access to the court regardless of their income," Charles said recently. "As attorneys, we have special skills that can be used to expand access to justice for those who might not otherwise have it."
1. Please help this woman through her divorce process

This women was abandoned by her husband, forcing her to move to a homeless shelter. She needs help getting a divorce so she can start a better life.  ( 16-0006604)

2. Please help this father see his son

The client's spouse moved to Texas with their twelve-year-old child two weeks ago with no consent by the client. Please help the client through his divorce process so he can see his son again. 

3.  Client would like to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

This client was working two jobs when she lost one resulting in her being evicted from her apartment complex. The client's remaining paycheck is being garnished by the former landlord. She is currently living in a hotel room with her daughter and grandchildren because she is unable to pay for rent of an apartment. This client has turned in all necessary paperwork and is in desperate need of help. (16-0006565)

4. Help this hourly employee file Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Client is a hourly employee whose hours have recently been decreased. She states that with the decrease in hours she has been unable to maintain her household and has had to resort to taking out loans to just pay her bills. Client has turned in all necessary paperwork, and is very motivated. 

Monday & Thursday Mornings

Stephen Parsley, Bradley,  helps a client at the Civil Help Desk.

Wednesday Mornings

Kim Davidson talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Pathways | 2nd & 4th at Firehouse

Christopher Thompson, Burr Forman, talks to a client at Firehouse Shelter.

Tarackia Barge, Barge Law Firm
Robin Burrell, Najjar Denaburg
Kimberly Davidson
Tiffany DeGruy, Bradley
Julie Goyer
Lawrence Johnson
Preston Martin, Bressler Amery Ross
Louis Montgomery
David Nomberg, Nomberg Law Firm
Stephen Parsley, Bradley
Bill Prosch, Bill Prosch Firm
Kayla Schoen, Bressler Amery & Ross
Christopher Thompson, Burr Forman
Pamela Weed
Nathan Weinert, Najjar Denaburg

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Jamillah Pritchett, Cumberland Law School
Rebecca Wadley, YWCA

Whitney Seals
Pate Cochrun 

Whitney  knew he needed to help this client who came to the Help Desk after being sued by a third-party creditor who was trying to collect an old credit card debt they claimed the client owed including exorbitant interest and fees. The client, a single-mother who has two small children, worked but was overwhelmed as she was paying her elderly parents' medical bills as well paying for her apartment and other day-to-day expenses. The client worried that this alleged credit card debt would result in her going bankrupt. Seals took the case, defended the client in District Court, and when he was not satisfied with the ruling, appealed the case to Circuit Court where he won. Seals proved that that the third-party creditor could not demonstrate that the client actually owed the debt.
John Graves
Jim McLaughlin
Maynard Cooper Gale
Meade Whitaker Jr
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