8 Motivations to Help You
Never Give Up Your Dream

Let's be honest. Despite all of those gushing commercials and feel-good Hallmark Christmas movies on television, the "Holidays" -- that somewhat challenging period between Thanksgiving and New Year's celebrations -- can be uncomfortable. Family gatherings are often not the ideal of Norman Rockwell paintings and greeting card sentiments.

One of the most common questions to answer during this magical time of year is a variation of the following. Did you ever have a dream that you no longer have for whatever the reason?

Need some inspiration to reawaken the dream and never give up on your dream? Here are eight motivations to help you .

  1. Pay Your Dues  
    If you have a dream, keep it close to your heart and don't be discouraged by how long it takes, how much money you need or what kinds of credentials are necessary. The most famous surgeon in the world started her career with an introduction to biology course. Rembrandt was ordered to wash the stone floor of his master's studio before he was allowed to touch a canvas. The more persistence you practice, the more dues you pay, the more you learn, and the more proficient you become.
  2. Rock Bottom Isn't A Bad Thing  
    Some dreams start because people find themselves between rocks and hard places. They hit rock bottom and have no choice but to move up forward. Have you lost your job or is it stressing you out? Is your debt more than your income? Are you unexpectedly alone? There is hope in situations where there is no choice but to plunge ahead. When we hit our lowest point, we are in a position to make the most significant change. Hitting rock bottom is an opportunity to rebuild yourself.
  3. You Are Braver Than You Believe  
    It is incredibly brave of anyone who starts on a path to pursuing a dream. Sometimes the only one who appreciates that bravery is the person who is dreaming the dream. It is the person who sets out to cross the Pacific in a tiny sailboat, a woman in England who writes a series of children's books because she has no money, a guy who roasts coffee who finds a rundown storefront in Seattle. Never lose sight of how brave you are, strong you are and smart you are.
  4. Start Running The Race  
    We can all dream big, but the only thing that matters is the person who pursues the dream. There are no time limits, and there is no race against anyone else. I knew an architect who wanted to be a baker, and he eventually opened a bakery. Great fast food chains were started by people who were nearly retired (remember Colonel Sanders?); Jen Welter, the first female football coach in the NFL, was homeless when she decided she would work toward becoming a coach. If you want to pursue your dream, really chase it. Once you're in the race, you're winning the race -- just don't stop. On some days you may slow down to a jog or even a fast walk, but don't stop.
  5. It's Not About Other People   
    Perhaps your family, friends or neighbors don't support your dream. So what? Your dream is your dream. It is precious, and you should strive to hold it in your heart. It isn't about their negativity; it is all about your goals. I just read about a mother and daughter who built their own home. I have a friend who is about to produce a documentary based on her mother's life. I know a husband and wife, both artists, who discovered an abandoned supermarket and, with funding and community support, turned it into a highly respected center for the arts. A friend who would belittle your dreams isn't much of a friend.

  6. Look Beyond The Horizon  
    You say you can't find a publisher for that book you just wrote? You say you're discouraged because no one liked the unique fashions you have designed or the idea you have for a new type of pizza topping? Stay true to your dream, and you may find someone over the next hill or around the corner who loves your idea.

  7. Fail More  
    There is no inventor, no architect, no playwright, no athlete, no scientist or musician who has not failed and failed again. Even if you know this obscure fact, it's worth it to state again that Thomas Edison tried more than 9,000 times to find the perfect light bulb filament. It's a well-known fact that some of Vincent van Gogh's early works were real stinkers, and even Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, as accomplished as he is, had some awful games at the University of Michigan (not too many with the Patriots). Failures bring us closer to success.
  8. Shine Brightly For Others  
    Men and women who have a vision and a focus make for magical moments, inspirational historical moments. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King comes to mind, as do Amelia Earhart, Serena Williams and Jim Morris, the science teacher who became a big-league pitcher. While it may be true that others may mock or scorn your dreams, you might want to look around to see the positive effects your dream has on others. Having a purpose and dreams and the realization of those dreams will reflect themselves in the eyes of your family or someone down on their luck or even an acquaintance who may have just about given up. Each realized dream is a ripple in a pond. Your light will make even the smallest corner of darkness more beautiful. As your dream has blessed you, in turn, your success of realizing that dream may bless others.


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