It's the absolute best time of the year to plant exciting new spring color varieties in your garden or landscape!

With hundreds of new plants freshly delivered from local farms to our shopping tables, you'll find all sorts of new and traditional additions!

We have the most containers we've had in stock in our 80 year history!

From small hand-painted, stylized pots to large scale containers that fit sizable trees, we have everything you need in every color, style, and texture imaginable!

Come explore the container garden!

Be sure to drop by the cottage and check out the large selection of terrariums we have to choose from all 30% off.

We have everything you need to create your terrarium: plant, soil, charcoal and many types of gravel, along with a large selection of accessories.
Create your own garden or our designers will be happy to help!
Did you know our entire veggie selection is locally sourced and grown?

Come explore new, fresh varieties of tomatoes , peppers , squash . cucumbers , eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe and many more of your favorite veggies!

40+ Tomato Varieties
30+ Pepper Varieties
Watch our new Lifestyle Kitchen Video!
We've dubbed him Drew the TN Chef and he's going to walk you through creating a deliciously simple Caprese Salad with ingredients you've grown.

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Topiaries for your Home! Tallahassee Nurseries is excited to announce a gorgeous shipment of topiary material. We have evergreen spiral, 2-ball, and 3-ball topiaries as well as tree form rose topiaries in red, pink, coral, white, and yellow.

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