October 2018

Hybrid TV: Is North America about to Join in?
The blending of broadcast and broadband isn't exactly new. It is, however, still in the development stage. Given the current limitations of broadband, the most viable solution is one that leverages both internet and traditional broadcast systems.

Android TV: Google's Quiet Champion 
In the last 18 months, Google's position in the smart TV landscape has strengthened considerably. Key to that success is Google's willingness to customize portions of the Android TV experience to suit a TV broadcaster's unique preferences.

Collecting Royalties on Technology Patents
A Fortune 500 company has an extensive portfolio of technology patents for digital products found in the consumer electronics, medical and defense industries. The standard market research provided by most research firms fell short of the company's precise research needs. In fact, such "cookie cutter" research painted an inaccurate picture of patent-value. Download the case study to find out how DTC provided the company with detailed market intelligence to help royalty-collection efforts.

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