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June 2, 2013 


We're FIVE MONTHS from the 2013 IMM!  As spring begins to turn to summer, the preparations for the Monumental are heating up.  This month we bring to you an exciting challenge and an inspirational story from the ALZ Stars, with many more race related details soon to follow. 
Are You Faster than a 91 Year Old??
Mike Fremont out for a training run.
Two of our 2013 expo speakers, Dr. Robert Kroeger and Mike Fremont, have collaborated to issue a unique challenge.  Fremont, who already holds multiple single-age world and American records, will attempt an age group World Record in the Monumental Half Marathon.  Kroeger is the founder of LifeNuts, a community based health solution.  Together they are challenging sedentary adults to test themselves against a 91 year old at the 2013 IMM on Saturday, November 2.

Of the challenge they are issuing, Dr. Kroeger says, "With five months to prepare for Mike's challenge - June through October - most overweight people could successfully complete this half-marathon." 

Mike starts his blog tomorrow, Monday, June 3. If you want to follow all of his training progress, including tips and insights visit Life Nuts Blog

As a word of encouragement, Mike adds, "I am excited about running the Indianapolis race and I encourage anyone to try to beat me. I promise to go slow."


Are you or someone you know interested in accepting the challenge of racing Mike in your first half marathon and blogging about your journey to the 2013 Monumental? 
If so, we would love to help share your story. Please email our Community Outreach Manager, Casey Collins, at  

Monumental Story 6/2/13

(Note: This story was written by Anne Hartwick from ALZ Stars.) 


"I know I've asked this before, but what's that 26.2 mean?"

My mom, Dede White, had Alzheimer's. She would look at the "26.2" tattoo on my leg, a gift I gave myself after the first marathon I ran, and wonder what it was for. If she asked me once, she asked me a hundred times...very typical of someone with Alzheimer's. When I would tell her that 26.2 was the distance of a marathon and that I had run one, she was always amazed that I had done such a thing.

But I don't think she could have been more amazed than I am. I hate running and don't think of myself as a "runner." I'm just an idiot who runs.


Anne Hartwick
The 2012 Monumental Marathon was my third full marathon. And the third was no easier than the first. In fact, it was harder. You see, I sprained my ankle the Tuesday before the race. The thought of not running the race never entered my mind. I was on a mission! Running in the Monumental Marathon, I partnered with ALZ Stars, a cause running program to benefit the care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

Mom died in July of 2012. While losing her has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life, there is comfort in knowing that she no longer suffers from Alzheimer's. That person she was toward the end, while lovable, sweet, innocent and naive, was far from the vibrant, life giving woman who was my mother. Partnering with the Alzheimer's Association was just a small way for me to honor my mom.

So, no. A sprained ankle wasn't going to stop me from running on November 3rd. Rather fitting as it just happened to be the day before what would have been Mom's 81st birthday.

Race day started out like any other day. At the half-way point of the race, I was feeling pretty good, bum ankle and all.
Anne Harwick


Then the sleet came.

I remember thinking, "This might not be so bad. At least it's bouncing off." But then...the sleet became rain. Cold rain. I looked down at my arms again and the rain didn't bounce off. It soaked in. From head to toe, literally, I was soaked and I REALLY wanted to quit.


But I couldn't. Something bigger than me was
pushing me on - Mom. I had a special shirt made for the day - one that honored her. I hoped that my shirt would let people know why I was doing this. So I kept going. My good friend met me to run me in. I think Mom must have sent her to help me finish the race. With her help, I made it to the finish line. When I turned the last corner, I somehow managed to run the last stretch and crossed the finish line - FINALLY!

In many ways, the 2012 Monumental Marathon is something that I'd rather forget: cold and wet. But I did accomplish something on the rain-soaked streets of Indianapolis. I raised money to support the efforts of the Alzheimer's Association while honoring my mom.

And I can feel good about that.



Anne Hartwick

Three Time Marathoner

Monumental Runner

AlZ Star

Congratulations to the thousands of you who reached your spring racing goals and we hope you are excited for the 2013 Monumental.  At our spring expos we saw over 100,000 runners and walkers. We were flattered by all the positive feedback and excitement for the Monumental.  We were even more impressed by the thousands of you who took advantage of our spring prices.


Registrations are still pouring in and we're excited about what is shaping up to be another record breaking year.  If you haven't registered, there is still time to register and start your training.

Register Participants

Our hotel block has never filled faster.  With several other events and conventions in town on the weekend of November 2, hotels in Downtown Indy will likely sell out.  We have less than 300 rooms remaining in our room block for Friday and only 85 left for Saturday night.  It's time to reserve your space:

The best way to stay up to date with the Monumental is through Facebook and Twitter  Our social media community keeps our event moving forward and constantly improving.  Thank you!
As always, for more information on the Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k and Kids' Fun Run, visit

Yours in running,

Blake Boldon
Executive Director
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

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IMM Cracked the Top 40 Marathons in the U.S.
Monumental Growth in 2012  
In 2012 there were 881 marathon races in the United States.  The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon ranked as the 37th largest, by finisher number.  Hosted downtown in one of the country's 15 largest cities, we are excited about our growth and our continued ability to provide a world class running event in Downtown Indy.
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