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We've been covering the changing purchasing model that has many in our industry concerned. 
Suppliers selling direct, distributors buying direct, end users seeking out their own direct sources. Our industry is changing!

With all this changing business landscape, some are rushing to judgement on how a company chooses to do business. We touched on this in our "tongue and cheek" April Fools commentary on Snoopes Promo...the definitive Internet reference source for all things true and false in the promotional products industry. 
Interestingly, this article was not too far off base. The supplier that was bashed in our story, was taken from an actual post in a public forum. This defenseless supplier had no way to share their side of what happened.
There are no easy answers to challenges our industry faces. One thing that disturbs me is in today's rush to judgement world is that facts don't seem to matter. If a supplier is branded as a direct seller, the truth appears to be irrelevant.
In this issue, FreePromoTips.com will give you an exclusive look into one of the more talked about suppliers that has been marked as a direct seller. This just isn't true. 
We talked to the Bill Mahre, the President of ADG Promotional Products, who despite unfounded attacks on his company's character, calmly shares the truth about how ADG actually operates. If the truth matters...and we think it does, you won't want to miss eye opening commentary, A Condemned Supplier Shares the Truth.
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Jeff Solomon, MAS

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A "Condemned" Supplier Shares the Truth!


Much has been said lately about how businesses in our industry operate.

I've covered this issue in recent commentaries;

The Wave...This Issue is not Going Away and in my "tongue and cheek" April Fools piece, Snoopes Promo Uncovers the Truth About Bad Companies.

There clearly are companies who operate in ways that are contrary to the traditional Supplier/Distributor model we are comfortable with. However, some companies are being judged by what people perceive is really happening, without an understanding of what is actually happening.