We are buzzing with follow-ups to Ex TED, to come in other mailings, but first...drum roll, please:
BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A PARADIGM? sizzle reel -- 4 minutes
BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A PARADIGM? sizzle reel -- 4 minutes


In the wake of TED's license cancellation for TEDxWestHollywood, please spread around this joyous sampling of what they deemed to be objectionable. This is the link: https://vimeo.com/65258478.


Thanks to editor, Mike Flores, who works with me on crop circle material, for a great job! And now all the individual talks and three sections we've compiled from our Livestreaming are posted. A huge thank you to Cyrene Houdini, the queen of A/V, who created our footage and our Livestream.


The TED protests continue, with Deepak Chopra being joined by others of note on The Huffington Post -- note the three pieces with TED in the titlesAnd IONS, that deals with ideas TED rejects, has had a say .


WANT ADS: I'm looking for a secretary/assistant, in West Hollywood. Needs to speaks my language and be plugged into the cyberspace world. Also, I need a web designer/webmaster. My big dream is for a business ally who would help fund some of my wild ideas.  


PS: In my last mailing, I said we'd be doing an L.A. event with Graham Hancock, but that will not happen. He's just passing through, and we'll only have a little huddle to look at the TED situation.


PPS: Slam poet In-Q was one of the highlights of our Ex TED event, and he'll be performing live in Santa Monica, CA, May 24 and 25. I'll be there on the 25th.


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