Celebrate With Me!
Let me give a gift to YOU!

Happy Birthday to Me!

That's right...I'm turning 29 (again) on the 29th! So to celebrate...I have a special gift FOR YOU!

Some of you may remember our goodie box deal we did several years ago. CTMH did a deal where every day, they would post a different goodie box and instead of telling you what was in it, they would only tell you the value and your cost (which was always a steal of a deal). You had one day to buy the box and everyday it was different. It was HUGE HIT and so fun to get your box to see what was in it.  I even bought several boxes...couldn't resist.  Well, I thought this year I would do something similar. After all, it's a birthday and you never know what your gifts will be.  So... for every online order you place, I will send you a goodie box full of surprises.  And the only say you have in what you get is that YOU determine the value of your box! Here's how:

Between NOW and my birthday (August 29th), place an order on my website and whatever your subtotal is, I will DOUBLE it! 

THAT'S RIGHT!!! You heard me...DOUBLE VALUE!  For example, you place a $10 (product subtotal) order online, and you will get a goodie box worth $20.  A $100 order would get a box worth $200!  A $200 order would get a goodie box worth $400!!!! And so on and so forth.  You get the idea.  Am I worried I will run out of stuff....uh no.  Have you seen my office? Yikes! I even have unopened Cricut bundles that may find their way into someone's box. You never know what you're going to get!

The BEST part, is our  NEW Fall/Winter 2013 Idea Book is LIVE so there's lots of great NEW product to choose from. AND by ordering this month, you will get the NEXT Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book mailed to you FREE.

I'm having you order online so that you can take advantage of the  "While Supplies Last" section and add to your great deals. There are several items as low as $1.00...so stock up.

And don't forget our August special...to "sweeten the deal"!

From My HEART!



Michelle Brooks
The Rockin' Ink Star

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