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November 10 - 
Dec 1, 2015
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November 12th, 2015
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November 26th, 2015
McCall's Marzipan Santa
Try your hands at this marzipan Santa Claus--a perfect topper for any Christmas cake!

See our How-To Guide on making the Marzipan Santa
For that hard to buy for decorator, baker consider McCall's  eGift card this holiday

Movember at McCall's
Design and create
Movember   treats!

To our loyal members,
Christmas is fast approaching.  Where did the summer go?!  Many of us are already having mini panic attacks just thinking of all the baking, shopping and decorating. The to-do lists seem endless. 

Why not take time out of your hectic schedule and pay us a visit? We also encourage you to visit us online where you'll find thousands of products featuring all the seasonal items and occasions in life.
Marzipan, Marzicover, Almond Paste... How do they differ?
Now--onto that topic that makes some of us scratch our heads in thought:  What are the differences between marzipan, marzicover and almond paste? What are they used for? When do you use which? Let us clear up this confusion so you'll use the right product for the right project.


This is the very best for covering your fruit cakes, modelling figurines or fruits. Ingredients include - Almonds, sugar, glucose syrup and water with a ratio of 50% almond and 50% sugar. Read more

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November Feature: McCall's Gingerbread House
Ginger Dreams

The McCall's gingerbread recipe dates back to the early days, when Meta McCall with a small bakery in the heart of old Etobicoke, brought over this recipe from her parents bakery in Denmark. This recipe has never changed.

There is something to be said about time-honoured traditions. The aromas of gingerbread brings us memories of our childhood, during the Christmas season. 

Let McCall's take you back in time--Enjoy our 
how-to video on assembling your very own gingerbread house kit or purchase a ready-made house at McCall's this season!
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