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A Call to Cooperative Action - Peace
November 29 th, 2016

Earth from space

Thank you, we honor everyone of you many Peacebuilders!

Never before  have there been so many of us seeking peace through unity! Right here in our own country and around the globe. Pathways to Peace (PTP) has been on the frontlines of Peacebuilding for almost 40 years. We've answered the call and we are answering the call today - and w e need your help! 

Fight Truth decay

Pathways To Peace is recognized for:
  • Assisting the creation of and growth of the United Nations International Day of Peace (1981)
  • As a UN Peace Messenger Organization, providing leadership and development for the international Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) .
  • Leading the field of Peacebuilding
  • Mentoring peacebuilding leaders and NGOs around the world.
Local and Global Peacebuilding is inseparable. Pathways to Peace has been instrumental in many successful peacebuilding projects and models for replication:
  • The Ashland Oregon Culture of Peace Commission
  • Operation Big Sister focused on efforts to combat sex trafficking
  • Support of Unify and other organizations on the ground at Standing Rock, North Dakota.
  •  Among others.
You know us, you've supported us, and you know the work that needs to be done. Right here and right now! The cry for help has never been louder and we're totally committed to hearing and responding. Please join our community of activated peacebuilders by lifting your voice and making a contribution to advance a world of peace for all.

We welcome your Support now for #GivingTuesday!

Your tax deductible contribution at any level is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Directors at Pathways To Peace,

Avon Mattison, President
Sheva Carr, Co-Vice President
Robert Browning, Co-Vice President
Alain Gauthier, Director
David Wick, Director
Masankho Banda, Director
Joanie Ciardelli, Director Emeritus 

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