The Times They Are A Changing...

I was attending Parent/Teacher meetings yesterday at the old Alma Matter, getting feedback on my elder daughter, where at times our teenager at home appeared to have had observations on her behaviour copied and pasted in error into that of an angel. I am pleased that she feels comfortable being herself at home, regardless.

The visit brought back many memories including events like that pictured above.

The subject matter was irrelevant - So was it the novelty factor given that the programmes were in colour, or the fact that you were going to be safe from being asked any questions for half an hour? – Either way it all made it something we enjoyed.

Schools have changed a lot for the better, with my visit involving 3d printers and drama theatres. There are lots of ways of learning, and this was recognised even then with the introduction of the goggle box. 

Equally there are different ways that people like being communicated with, as we’re all different – that’s why we ask all new clients their preference for telephone, e-mail, post, or face-to-face communication and then try to reflect this in our dealings whenever we can. Face to face is always the outright winner – and that’s what our business is all about.

I looked for a classroom teaching specifically a combination of common sense, work ethic, trust, reliability, manners, and people skills - such a measurable qualification would be the most valuable out there.

Wonder what I’ll be when I grow up?...
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