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October 5, 2010

Dear Friend,

I cannot dodge the truth: my last name is Dolan and my family is supporting my race to become County Executive.

However, contrary to what you may have heard from my opponent, my family is not using our "fortune to buy the County Executive's office."*

So why does he continue to flagrantly accuse my family of buying this race? Quite simple: that's how politics operate in his world. We've seen the indictments that exposed the culture of corruption in county government - where favors were granted and donations given purely for the expectation of a payoff. Why then would my family - my father and my uncle - support me without an ulterior motive?

But what my opponent fails to acknowledge is that my family's obligation isn't to me, but to all of you.

The Dolans embrace a strong tradition of altruistic giving and a commitment to making Cuyahoga County a better place. Like you, my family lives here and works here. And the family business ventures that my opponent would disparage are the same businesses that employ thousands of people across Cuyahoga County, period.

The Dolans have worked diligently to give back to Cuyahoga County - creating jobs, investing in higher education, and supporting charitable organizations with the intent to build a better life for our family and yours. It is, therefore, no surprise that my family wants to take their investment one step further by supporting a candidate with the same commitment to moving our county forward.

And they are not alone.

The Dolans join well over 500 individuals that have given their financial support to my campaign. From $3 donors to $3,000 donors, I am eternally grateful to each of these individuals for supporting me and my message - investing in the television, mailings, and "Get Out the Vote" efforts I need to ensure a victory in November.

I humbly ask that you join them by making a contribution to my campaign today. Whether it is your first contribution or perhaps a second, your support, no matter the amount, is vital to ensure my message reaches the community. Please click here to make your contribution.

Thank you again for your commitment to my race thus far. Together, we can move Cuyahoga County forward.

Matt Dolan

*Matt Cain. "A Stark Contrast." E-mail to FitzGerald Campaign E-mail List. 30 September 2010.

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