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It has been month's in preparation, but last night Sligo Adventist School took its final bows after a wonderful final Spring Concert. 

From the dedicated teachers, staff, and involved parents to the enthusiastic kids, tonight's concert told a story of dedicated students eager to learn and perform. Beginning with a well rehearsed bell choir, then following by wind orchestras and violin groups, the kids and teachers showed off their progress in learning their preferred instruments. 

As the choir of children assembled, the lights came down and spots lights came up on a concert entitled "Project Peace."
"Project peace is an important opportunity for the children to have high standards in their ideals and know that differences don't have to be right or wrong. We need to embrace our differences" says Joya Follette, Sligo School's choral director and the architect of the program. 

Children shared small skits and readings that illustrated the ideas of peace, overcoming bullying and embracing diversity. As the consolidated voices of every Sligo School child filled the gymnasium, it was easy to hear the careful practice and intentionality that went into delivering this meaningful program. 

Sligo Adventist School's Principal Veronique Anderson said, " This was Sligo's spring concert but it has special meaning because it is the last concert as Sligo School consolidates with John Nevins Andrews and becomes Takoma Preperatory School, and we thank all our teachers and staff as they worked hard to make this happen. We feel very blessed by God as we take these final steps together."

Choral Director, Joya Follette says, " This year has been very biter sweet because this is the last year of Sligo. and I'm blessed to be a part of the children's lives. I'm sure the future will be just as bright for our children."

At the end of the concert flowers and gifts were given to many of the support staff that helped make the concert and the entire school year the  success   they have been.  This was also emphasized by   the kids as they showed their love and support for the efforts that were made. 

It is clear that as many of these staff and children move forward to become TA Prep, the future is very bright indeed and we look forward to many great concerts as a united community. 

Photography courtesy of 5th Grade Teacher, Kara Castillo
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This summer is going to be unmissable! Click here to register or volunteer!

We're just like you. We're teachers, business executives, parents, retirees, name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. And the more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we can all make. Together. Learn More about what it means to be a volunteer.

There is a pressing need that our neighbors in Takoma Park have and we can help them! Community members have shared with county officials that many homes in Takoma Park are becoming difficult to live in due to clutter. There are many reasons why our neighbors may have cluttered homes, but one thing is certain - it's a significant health and safety concern, and they need our help! HOW CAN WE HELP? The Sligo Youth and Young Adult Department is partnering with Montgomery County and Takoma Park Villages for a special "How To Help People Declutter Their Homes" volunteer training event. During the training, you'll learn practical ways you can help, the do's and do not's of decluttering, and when and whom to call for extra help. This event is open to ALL volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors here in Takoma Park! WHEN: May 20 @ 2:00 to 4:00pm. Note that lunch will be provided right after second service in the youth room for all those who want to volunteer. An RSVP is required.  RSVP to email

The Sligo music ministry is inviting all men with a passion for singing and a heart for worship to take part in our new Men's Chorale, which meets at 7pm on Monday evenings.  For more information, contact our Choral Conductor, Paul Byssainthe, Jr. at, or at 301.270.6777, ext. 124
We're now enrolling Ages 2.5 - 4 year olds. There is very limited space available, so get your child enrolled now! Please call and make an appointment, Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm, to see and hear the what Great Kids has to offer. We offer a STEM/STEAM based Christian Preschool Program. Growing great kids is what we do!

Join us this summer for the Sligo Youth Mission Trip from July 16-22. At the Savannah, GA Workcamp, Sligo Youth (+14) will demonstrate Jesus' love and compassion in tangible ways, serving real people in need while working on projects like...
* Building wheelchair ramps and handrails
* Weatherizing homes and trailers
* Reconstructing sagging porches
* Significant painting projects
* Interior and exterior carpentry
* Other home repair projects that the homeowner cannot otherwise complete

WGTS - Keeping you informed
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WGTS 91.9 is continuing to share God's love all over the D.C. Metropolitan area with a worship service that will travel around the Capital Beltway in order to reach its listeners. This new worship service is called Elevate: Night of Worship! Elevate is a monthly worship service designed...

V8 vs Vegetables

I try to be healthy and eat vegetables on a regular basis, but occasionally when I don't have time to cut them up, I'll cheat.
This week, I want you to think about ways that we present ourselves to others in the way we live and speak. Do they bring honor and glory to God?

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