A Fond Farewell
Me and the latest edition...
Me and the latest edition...
On the dairy farm in Hot Springs, MT
Allie at Grandad's Farm
Allie, my first year with SEMAP,
at Grampa Ferreira's Farm

Dear Friends and Supporters:


It is with a mix of sadness and excitement that I announce my departure from SEMAP.  My last day at SEMAP will be January 15th.  My time as executive director of SEMAP has been the most challenging and rewarding years of my career. 


Despite the financial challenges of the time, SEMAP pushed forward towards its mission to preserve and expand access to local food and sustainable farming through research and education.  We have increased our connection to the farmers and eaters in our region five times over, in the last four years.


In the past four years, we have increased the demand for, and access to, local food through SEMAP's:

  • Annual Agriculture and Food Conference
  • Twilight Education Series
  • Sustainable Table Workshop Series
  • Farm to Institution
  • Farm to Table Dinner
  • Bog Jog & Veggie Stampede
  • The VINE e-Newsletter (5,199 people strong)
  • On-Line Farm Guide
  • Annual Networking Meeting
  • Growers & Eaters Survey
  • Referral Services
  • Ag Day at the State House
  • Social Media Presence via Facebook & Twitter
  • So, You Wanna Be a Farmer? workshop series...

Many challenges remain, but SEMAP's work is in place to continue on, to meaningfully support and impact the local food movement in southeastern Massachusetts.


I am concluding my journey with SEMAP to spend more time with my young family and to move in a new career direction.  This email officially launches my freelance writing and development consulting business, where I will utilize my writing skills on commercial freelance projects such as eNewsletters, brochures, grants, web copy, articles, and white papers.  I might also be available to help with the right event...


Although I will no longer officially represent SEMAP, I will continue to support and promote the local food movement and share my own experiences, as my family and I strive for a simple and sustainable life, through my blog: The Good Life, She Wrote.


I hope to continue my relationship with you and hear from you on your triumphs and challenges as we continue to Buy Fresh Buy Local!


You can reach me at balexander147@yahoo.com or 



Here's to the Good Life & 

Happy Holidays!




P.O. Box 569
East Wareham, Massachusetts 02538