I wanted to let you know about a limited time offer from WORLD Magazine.


We've discovered that one of the best ways to attract new subscribers to WORLD is simply to have people who know and like us recommend us to their friends.  That's why we are making it easy and FREE for you to do that.


We've created a web-site - - that allows you and your friends to sign up for 6 issues (3 months) of WORLD Magazine with no charge or obligation.  This is NOT one of those offers where you give us your credit card and then you have to cancel or we'll charge your card.  This offer is completely without obligation.  We're making this offer because we believe that if you (and your friends) try WORLD for a few months, you'll want to subscribe.


So, if you are not a subscriber to WORLD please go to   (You'll need to type the word "video" into the promo code field.)  If you are already a subscriber, I hope you will forward this email to  those in your "sphere of influence" and share with them WORLD's unique brand of Christian journalism.


Thanks for your help with this little experiment in viral marketing.  We hope to hear from many of you soon.