www.yesitsapainting.com  - Newsletter #160 - 10/13/16
The Theatrical World Premiere of Learning to Drive! 
 A nearly FULL HOUSE greeted us this past weekend! 

My brother Andy, the inspiration for the film joined me on stage to help introduce the film!

As did stars Connor Long and Caleb Dykstra!

As well as the remaining cast and crew who were present!

It was a phenomenally successful evening!!!

I decided to leave these pieces of art in here from the last newsletter as I was surprised that none of them left the studio!

Some new unstretched canvasses! This first one is truly a relic in every sense!
Some of you may remember "33 Chev", one of the very first paintings I ever did. The subject was a rusted out old jalopy in a junkyard that I can now see in the distance out my back windows. This particular junkyard is famous among car folk and is sometimes referred to as "The Treasure of Sierra Vista"! This painting was my first venture into the adventure of RUST! :-D

"33Chev" - 16"x24" Signed and Numbered
Limited Edition, Canvas Reproduction

For a $75
contribution  to our campaign, this 16"x24" unstretched canvas can be YOURS!
Now, by popular demand, I will also start offering to stretch them for youif you like. This size runs $50 additional to mount and wire for hanging. 

below - "Red Label Wine"
For this one, there are TWO canvii of two different sizes!

"Red Label Wine" is available either as a:

22"x34" unstretched canvas for - $150
or a 16"x24" for - $75

(for this issue)

I have this 24"x36" of the ever famous
"American Wrap"

Like those above, $150 makes this unstretched canvas yours;
I can mount and wire any of these for $50 for the smaller sizes or $65 for the larger ones!

Toss me a note if any of these grab you and be sure to include your address and whether you'd like it mounted and wired or not, so I can get you an accurate shipping quote! :-D


Thanks for your continued patronage!


  Roderick Stevens