A Fuller Project on the Morning After

Dear Friends,

After a sleepless Tuesday night, we at The Fuller Project have been talking to women in the US, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey, Africa and beyond about what this election means for them.

Today, American women told us they are thinking about their rights under US law, unsure if those rights will be rolled back by the next administration.

Many were convinced that the American populace would not elect a man who brags about sexual assault. We learned last night, however, how much voters are willing to overlook. We’ve seen this around the world from Turkey to Iraq to the UK; in insecure times, human rights and dignity come under threat.

Now more than ever, we need independent, hard-hitting journalism that holds a mirror to our government and ourselves. Our world view must encompass the experiences of women and ensure that their stories are told. 

The Fuller Project is committed to reporting those stories. And advocates worldwide are using our reporting to push for positive change. 

On election night, Clinton stood in New York under a yet unbroken glass ceiling. While women’s rights suffered a stunning blow with her defeat, activists did not. The one thing Donald Trump has given women is a reason to stand up and fight. His onslaught has galvanized the US feminist movement in ways not seen since Roe v. Wade, as we argued in Foreign Policy

For decades I've worked for women's and refugees’ rights around the world. I've never been more convinced that we need to broadcast what women are saying about the problems they face and the way forward. 

Please join me in the critical work of the Fuller Project for International Reporting. Together, we will make sure women’s stories are reported, and that no one can ignore their voices. 

Today, check our Twitter and Facebook feed for our upcoming report – via ELLE Magazine and our media partner PRI’s The World  on the reaction of women around the world to the US elections, and on next steps forward.                                                               

With my regards,

Sarah O'Hagan
Board Chair, The Fuller Project