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2016 April Newsletter 
1913 Ford
"A Gathering of Fords"
April 9th

Second Saturday is all about Fords this month. In April we always feature a different automobile manufacturer and we realized we'd never done Ford before. If you drive a Ford bring it out so people can see how far the cars have come since the Model T. 

Ford Lovers:  "T" shirts are for sale in the museum Gift Shop of WAAAM's own 1914 Ford Model T Depot Hack (it frequently gives rides during our events).
See the Gift Shop Ad in the right column.

Here's the Schedule: 

9 - Museum Opens    
Veterans and Seniors always get a discount at WAAAM

In the Kid's Learning Zone:
Future automobile lovers, tinkerers, mechanics and more will have the opportunity to help fashion the city of Dearborn, Michigan where the original Ford Manufacturing plant was located.

9 - Museum Opens

10-2 - ACTION! - Flying and Driving.  
Bring your FORD out!

11 - Restoration Shop Tour
Tour the hidden places at WAAAM and see how boxes of miscellaneous junk and rusty old parts are turned magically (add lots of elbow grease) into beautifully restored pieces of art.  

11 -12 Tour the Big Blue Caboose

11-1 - Lunch!  

1 - Restoration Shop Tour

5 - Museum Closes  
Come again - WAAAM is open 362 days a year!

Keep on learning... every day!

WAAAM Car Guys*
"Monthly Smoke Signals!"
Progress on the new Pole Building

WAAAM and the Car Guys are in "full pole building mode" the past couple of weeks!  We got going on March 16 saw cutting the concrete pad to set the poles. Don Ferency did an excellent job laying out the complete pole location footprint and operated both the concrete saw and the Bobcat with the 3 foot diameter auger.....as it turned out, the concrete pad had a nice "rock garden" below grade that was a challenge to

The 6"thick concrete base needed to support the poles, on the bottom of the holes was poured on March 21.

March 28 we got approval by the Building Inspector to complete the concrete forms on the north and east side of the existing pad and set the poles in place for concrete.

March 29 was the day to erect all of the poles and they were within ½" across the diagonal of the footprint per the plans. Thanks again Don Ferency!

On March 30 we poured 25 cubic yar ds of concrete.

April 1, we framed the building and 

April 2  we installed the pre-constructed roof trusses. 

I really want to thank all of the WAAAM volunteers who helped to make this happen AND as the old saying goes "It takes a village to raise a building".

Many thanks to the Aircraft Restoration Crew, Steam Tractor Crew, Car Guys Crew and to the WAAAM Ladies who provided lunches' and refreshments to keep us energized.

We plan to do a " slow build of the Model-T" that is used in the " Model T Quick Build Challenge"......It should be fun and visitors are encouraged to participate in the slow build process, too.

In spite of all the building activity, Robb, Andy, Robert, Bob, Dave , Steve T., Ray, Steve R. and Paige have been helping on both the restoration projects and Maintenance and Light Vehicle Repair (MLR) program.

T he Car Guys are actively seeking additional volunteers to join our team. We have need for volunteers who can do basic auto maintenance, upholstery, wood body or metal body repair, fabrication, electrical, mechanical and grant writing. Additionally, we need car ride drivers for all Second Saturday events, parades, cruise boat guests and special events, as well as WAAAM car ride hosts to load/unload people.

We hope you are interested in becoming a WAAAM Car Guy Volunteer, if so please contact Stephanie Hatch at stephanie@waaamuseum.org

Dale Nicol

*used in plural to refer to the members of a group 
regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys>

Aircraft Restoration 
Progress Report from Jay

Here in the aircraft restoration shop at WAAAM we have been very busy, making progress on all 4 projects that we are currently working on.

 As many of you may have seen this past second Saturday the OX5 engine in back in the WACO 9 and running great. 

In the attached pictures the WACO 9 and Stearman Model 70 are looking more like finished airplanes every day. 

The Link trainer display has been moved into the museum and looks great next to the L birds, and last but not least the Stearman Model
75/U.S. NAVY N2S3 has been moved into the shop where its restoration will commence shortly.

Hope too see you all this Saturday April 9th for lots of WAAAM fun,


Hood River Soaring - A New Generation Take s Flight

The Hood River Valley is an exceptional place to experience the thrill of soaring. Spring, summer, and fall would find Judy Newma n piloting her Pawnee most weekends, towing gliders over the airfield.  Last year when Judy and her husband, Joe, decided to close their operation called Cascade Soaring, local glider activity nearly ceased.  Now a plan is in the works to return glider sightseeing rides to the airport . . . and much more.
Hood River Soaring is a brand new non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of soaring by making the sport more accessible to all including special outreach to youth.  We envision our organization growing together with the young people that we will introduce to the sport of soaring.  We will collaborate with WAAAM and other community agencies, schools, and service clubs to develop programs for youth that offer important lessons of responsibility, mental discipline, self-confidence, and mature decision-making.

We will support our mission through a combination of donations, grants, membership fees, and revenue from sightseeing rides and related activities.  We are working now on achieving our first objective to acquire a two-place sailplane.  We will use it for introductory rides, for sightseeing over the valley, and to provide pilot training.  In time we anticipate owning a fleet of sailplanes for the use of our members.  Membership will be offered at levels of participation ranging from those who want to enjoy occasional glider rides and share them with friends and family to the aspiring pilot intent on high performance competition.  

To learn more about Hood River Soaring and to find out how you can get involved, please contact Paul Woolery at paulwool425@gmail.com  or (541) 490-4323.
Hood River Soaring is an Oregon non-profit 501(c)(3) educational, scientific, and charitable organization.
Board of Directors: President - Paul Woolery, Vice-President - Scott Gifford, Treasurer - Kelly Cooper, Secretary - Mark Johnson, Directors at Large - Dana Love and Judy Newman

Here's a fun Link to the Stearman 70 Talk on March 2016 Second Saturday for you to check out:


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Flying Club
1953 PA-20 Pacer

The WAAAM Volunteers  
Flying Association! 

for more info

It's still not too late to deduct your charitable donations to WAAAM 
on your taxes.
WAAAM is a  qualifying

501 C 3 Non- profit Museum.


Your donations of money, items, stock, real estate etc are tax deductible!


Remember the benefits of the Oregon Cultural Trust matching credit.


Volunteers can take certain deductions too! 


Issue 4, 2016
April is volunteer appreciation month.

WAAAM is a place that could not run without the dedicated work of our volunteers.

 There are not enough synonyms for the word wonderful in the dictionary to fully express how much our volunteers and their efforts are appreciated here at the museum. 

The best part--the wonderful WAAAM family is always expanding - from once or twice a month to 4 hours or more once a week   

WAAAM is always on the lookout for more folks to help us grow and thrive. To people who love airplanes or cars to older folks who have seen it all and younger folks striving to learn, the WAAAM family is great.
Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and future volunteers!  

Visitor Quote:

      "Whoa!  Who would have expected such a world-class museum right here in Hood River?  I'm impressed!"
   ---JWS, WAAAM Visitor
Judy Newman 
Judy Newman
Director of WAAAM.  

Probably the biggest news for the whole newsletter - "M4" is on! The builders have been selected and there are now several little flags around out back waving in the wind for what is to come. 
Groundbreaking should be some time around May 1st or earlier

The funding for this building was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Jerry Wenger and Terry Brandt with the assistance of many other donors and everyday visitors too! 

The new building will extend off the back of the original exhibit hangar at WAAAM. So what does all this construction mean for all the activities out back? Well, we're going to slightly retool the car rides we give on Second Saturday and our other events and we will also be shuffling the collection around a bit so that the airplanes we want to fly in the next 6 months can still get outside; but other than that it's still business as usual with oodles of fun at WAAAM.

Second Saturday
April 9th -  10 to 2: 

We expect to have the following cars out for rides   (weather permitting): 

1914 Model-T Depot Hack 

1931 Model-A Roadster with rumble seat,
1940 Ford 4 door Deluxe 

1962 T-Bird

Learn How to 
Drive a  Model-T  Ford Class 

Hurry and sig n up N OW for th is fun class!

Model T classes are very popular. Already May and July are all sold out but there are still spaces in June, August and September left!

For a bit of a different flare students can also drive through the decades with our 30s, 40s, and 50s classes too. 

Classes are a great way to get behind the wheel of some of these antique and vintage cars without having to shell out the money to own one yourself.
The money earned from these classes goes to maintaining our fleet of WAAAM owned vehicles.

Get behind the wheel and drive into history at WAAAM

It's Happening Here

April 9
Second Saturday
A Gathering of Fords
Bring yours

May 14 
Second Saturday
Antique Gliders

May 28
Limited space

June 4
Driving through the Decades
Class info- limited space 

June 11
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight:
100th Anniversary of the 
Columbia River Hwy

June 25
Model T Driving School
Limited space
July TBA
Aviation Camp for Kids

July 2 
Driving through the Decades
Class info- limited space 

July 9
Second Saturday
5th Annual WAAAM
Traffic Jam
Car Show & Swap Meet
-WAAAM Style-

July 23
Limited space

August 6
Driving through the Decades 1950s 
Class info- limited space 

August 13
Second Saturday
Motorcycles!! Ride On

August 27
Limited space

September 10
Second Saturday
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of the Stearman

September 17 

September 24th
Limited space

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today


(no admission required to shop) 

Two beautiful new MUGS the WAAAM Gift Shop!

What's new in the WAAAM Gift shop?

We have two styles of mugs just in. One 
commemorating the
100th Anniversary of The Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway
(with our WAAAM logo highlighting our location), 
and a second mug featuring our 1917 Curtiss Jenny. 

The price is just 
$11.95 each.

 Pick up a Model T-Hack T shirt in the WAAAM Gift Shop for yourself or your honey!  

Get 'em while they're hot--Father's day isn't that far away!

WAAAM Members  receive a 10% discount

 Buy an annual MEMBERSHIP. 

Enjoy all that WAAAM has to offer and show your support, too.


Solo    (individual)              $50 

Family                       $100
( 2 adult of the same household + their children/grandchildren 18 yrs & under)
Member +1 (guest)     $120
(one named member who can bring a  guest
Members +2 (guest)   $150
(two named members who can bring 2 guest each ) 
membership benefits are

~ Unlimited museum visits
~ Gift Shop 10% discounts
~ Monthly Newsletter
~ Members only  events 
~Tax deductible (check limits with your tax adviser)
WAAAM is supported by you.
(Not Supported by Tax Dollars)
Business Membership are
Now Available. Call us for information.

  Open Daily   9 ~ 5

Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day  


WAAAM Traffic Jam 2016 registration forms are officially live on our Website! 

Have a car you love? We love it too. Come and share your wheels with the world at WAAAM's fundraiser. 

New this year - any year, any make, any model!
 (In the past we only permitted cars 30 years old or older but even newer cars deserve love too.)


Don't forget --
 You can use AmazonSmile when you purchase anything through Amazon.com and a portion of the sale goes directly to WAAAM!

We shop online all the time and using AmazonSmile is an extra way to give back to WAAAM at no extra cost to you.
 Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, Birthdays or anytime is a great time to use AmazonSmile to donate to WAAAM via your online purchases on AmazonSmile.

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