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march 7, 2013


Is anyone else noticing that things are very hard right now? I thought March would be fun, and more about creativity and movement. And it is, ironically, I've created a lot this month.


But the FEEL of this time, is quite challenging. 

I've experienced more anxiety and sadness then I can remember feeling in a long while. I've had conversations with others who have said the same. Regardless of how we're interpreting these things, the energy has definitely been challenging and my sense is March is only going to get MORE intense. 


This morning I was thinking about all of you. Usually I can feel us, our connection. I have generally a clear strong sense of where you are, what is going on, how to be of service in speaking our truths and finding ways to support and inspire us on the journey. 


When I tuned into this today I felt people off in their own world, struggling. I felt the sadness and disappointment of not yet feeling good as you would like. Of the ongoing struggle of this path of awakening and ascension.


Today I asked for the ability to give comfort, to touch the deeper pulse of what is happening for each of us and to receive guidance to help us be uplifted, and re-oriented to perspectives that will assist with this time and help us feel better.


I received a wonderful guided meditation that invites in and gives us the feeling of our divine transcendent identity.  And I'd like to offer this meditation to you, with the hope that it will uplift and encourage, comfort and support you, as it did me.


You can download this free, 15-minute Soul Infusion Meditation as an mp3 file, using this link:



 note: this link expires on March 21.


If you feel inspired to share, I'd love to know what your experience is like these days. You can reply to this email and jot a quick note letting me know how you're feeling and experiencing the energy of this time, as well as anything you find difficult or would welcome support with. 


Meanwhile, enjoy this new meditation.

May this give you peace.

And may we extend this peace to all beings.





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