Message from Marty Mueller, President
Miami Beach Garden Conservancy
Dear Friends of the Garden,
  A ugust is the warmest month of the year in South Florida and, even though it is the “rainy season,” our great team of gardeners and volunteers  are extra vigilant this month to make sure our lawns, trees, palms and plants are well watered (although the last few days have been plenty wet!). The proof is in the pudding. The Garden is looking lush: butterflies galore, our compost station along the back driveway is growing in popularity every week (and was prominently featured in MB Magazine this month), the native Florida specimens added to the beds in the front, just outside the Garden main gate,  have established themselves beautifully.
  A s I am sure regular readers of this Garden Newsletter are aware, Summer in the Garden is loaded with activities. We recognize that Miami Beach is a seasonal home to some, but it is a year-round home to many and we striving to ensure that there is something for everyone in summer, and much of it is free, low cost, and discounted to Members. In addition to our traditional kids' summer camps and ongoing yoga classes, we are featuring “Florida Friendly Landscapes” demonstration lectures and Art Exhibits for youngsters.
So what else is new and exciting?

Sunday, August 21, 2016, 10 AM-1 PM.  Create you own Personal Fragrance.  $45 per person ($30 for members)  Using the traditional French method of top, heart, and base accords you will blend your very own 1/3-ounce custom perfume. PLEASE REGISTER HERE

Thursday, August 18, 2016. 6-8 PM. Free. MIAMI BEACH BOTANICAL GARDEN & The SUNFLOWER SOCIETY Invite you to “I Can Create” Youngsters Art Exhibit 

Save the Date! Oktoberfest 2016
Friday, September 23, 2016
Every Saturday-$15 @ 11:30 AM. ---Every Wednesday- $10 @ 12:15 PM. Yoga is on this week! Rain or Shine. 
Seashell Bottle Topper

A unique shopping destination with many treasures, from garden gloves to beach bags, the Boutique is growing with our garden.

Clear starfish shaped bottle toppers filled with a mini collection of sea shells can be found at 

The Botanical Boutique!
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Store hours:Tues.-Sun. 9 AM-5 PM.


Fungus in the Garden; the Good and the Bad
by Andrew Street

Fungi are the true aliens among us. Not plants nor animals, they are the third and least understood kingdom of taxonomy. They are also an integral and intricate part of the garden and for better or worse, here to stay. Mainly detritivores, fungi help to break down organic material that is always found in the garden. Still there are some species that prey on living organisms and stopping them from doing so, is easier said than done…

Take a stroll around, any time of the year, and you should find evidence of these incognito inhabitants.
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Yellow fungi
 Photo 2:  Clathrus ruber- red cage fungus has the odor of rotting meat to attract flies and other insects to disperse spores.