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A Look at Animal Welfare...

All too often, cruelty and deception are all too common in the production and advertising of our food.  We support organizations like the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Beyond PesticidesOrganic Consumers Association, and Public Justice who take a stance against corporations involved in unethical actions.  Below are an array of cases involving animal welfare, as well as glyphosate claims, that reflect this mission.

Hormel, a leading meat producer, has been sued over "natural" claims on deli meats.  The suit alleges that Hormel's "Natural Choice" line of deli meats contains synthetic ingredients and preservatives despite being marketed as "100% Natural" or having "No Preservatives".  The Richman Law Group and Public Justice represent the Animal Legal Defense Fund in this suit against Hormel filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court. 

You can find our current complaint against Hormel here.
Richman Law Group & Vital Farms Invoke Lanham Act in Handsome Brook Farm Suit

On December 1, 2016, the Richman Law Group filed a complaint against New York-based egg producer Handsome Brook Farm on behalf of competitor Vital Farms. Vital Farms alleges that Handsome Brook falsely labels, advertises, and promotes its eggs as exclusively "pasture-raised" when allegedly its products include eggs from hens who were not pasture-raised. In so doing, Handsome Brook has been able to deceptively and unfairly capture market share and sales, causing losses to Vital Farms in violation of the federal Lanham Act and New York's consumer protection statute.

You can find our current complaint against Handsome Brook Farms  here.

A lawsuit has been filed against Handsome Brook Farm alleging their "pasture-raised" label is false and deceptive.  The lawsuit claims Handsome Brook Farm purchased eggs in the open market, and resold the eggs under a "pasture-raised" label with no regard to their origin. The plaintiff purchased Handsome Brook's eggs as a result of their false and misleading representations. 

You can find our current complaint against Handsome Brook Farm here.

Glyphosate, a common herbicide, has turned up in honey from states like Iowa.  This adds to concern about contamination that has spurred a lawsuit against certain honey industry players and drawn criticism by regulators.  There is no legal tolerance level for glyphosate in honey in the U.S., so any amount could be considered a violation according to the FDA.  This lawsuit is on behalf of Beyond Pesticides and the Organic Consumers Association.

You can find our current complaint against Sioux Honey Association here.

You can read more about glyphosate in our October newsletter.

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