Welcome to The Cavalier Rescue Report where you'll find news and stories from Cavalier Rescue USA. We want to thank you for your contributions, and let you know how your donations brought love and comfort to so many. Our warmest wishes for the holidays and a happy 2018.
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
How does Cavalier Rescue USA spend the money supporters donate?
In 2017, we have spent about $400,000 on our foster pups with 96% of our expenditures going directly to the vet care of the dogs.  

We want to introduce you to some of the Cavaliers who were the beneficiaries of your support. 
And hearts were mended
Meet Lettie and Layla
These two beautiful young Cavaliers came to Cavalier Rescue USA reportedly in good health. A trip to the cardiologist revealed otherwise. We're so thankful this pair made it to safe hands and great care. They were being sold on craigslist.

This story could have ended badly
Scarlett's Story
Scarlett was born with a serious neurological condition. Her vet recommended putting her to sleep. We took a chance on her. See how she's doing now.
Instant member of the family
Meet Prince
Getting a loving family is what it's all about. Thankfully, Cavaliers are a resilient breed and even after months in foster care, they adjust happily and well.

Danny Boy
This is Danny
This sweetest of Cavaliers was turned over rescue with several health issues. His foster family loved him so much though, they almost didn't let him go.

Every boy needs a dog...
Meet Buddy
Buddy came to rescue after his breeder in Hawaii had trouble placing him because Buddy is blind.This little guy doesn't let his lack of sight define him though and runs and plays and loves with gusto.
I feel I can finally let go...
Oliver's Journey
Giving up a beloved Cavalier to rescue can be a heart wrenching act, but often, it's the least selfish thing one can do because the person is doing what's best for the dog. It's made easier by staying in touch and seeing how the pup's journey plays out.