September 2012
Iyanla Fix My Life Premier
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Dear (Contact First Name),
       It's been a very busy summer! In June, I graduated another class of coaches and ministers.  In July I hosted workshops and classes. In August, I took my granddaughter off to college.  That would be my daughter Gemmia's baby girl, all grown up and out of the nest.  And, as you have probably heard, I have been taping the upcoming episodes of my new show on OWN, Iyanla Fix My Life.  I have met some incredible people and participated in some incredible healing and awakening.  I am truly humbled and honored to be able to serve the world by doing what I love - - teaching universal law and principle. 
     Iyanla Fix My Life is about to premier on OWN and I am excited and nervous and really, really ready to embark upon a new phase of life.  Don't be fooled by the title! I am not doing the work in these shows.  It is the guests; the courageous people who have stepped forward to ask for help and demonstrate what is possible who do the work.  I am the facilitator, the supporter, the teacher and I am very proud of the work I am able to do in the name of healing.      As I stated on the "Sneak Peak" show back in June, this is not television, it is a workshop.  It is an opportunity for us all to take a look at ourselves, our issues, our challenges and the healing opportunities that exist when we are willing to simply, "tell the truth."  The issues we tackle exist in every city, on every block, everywhere in the country today.  They are the issues we talk about, struggle with and often wonder how to resolve.  Iyanla Fix My Life will hopefully offer some answers and possibilities for resolution and healing.
   Please consider this my personal invitation for you to watch and to participate in each episode of Iyanla Fix My Life.  The way you can participate is to take notes, share what you glean from each show and put any useful information to use in your own life.  I encourage you not to get stuck agreeing or disagreeing with the story line but rather, look for the issues that may be present in your life or the lives of someone you know and love.  If there is an issue or challenge that is familiar to you, do your work!  Tell your truth! Forgive yourself and someone else!  Commit yourself to be better, do better and live better.  
     To "fix" means to restore to an original state of health and wholeness; to return to original purpose.  Each of us was born to fulfill a divine purpose.  As we open our hearts and minds to a new way of being, the purpose of our lives unfolds organically.  Iyanla Fix My Life is in many ways, an invitation to wholeness, healing and purpose.  I hope you will watch and in-joy!
Be Blessed!

Comfy Couch Iyanla Fix My Life is more than just a television program.  It is a conversation starter, a family and community watering hole; it is an opportunity to come together, grow together and heal together.  If you are planning to watch the premier on Saturday, September 15th, why not host a viewing party?  Invite friends and family to watch the show with you, share some good food or even a few drinks. Tweet with Iyanla and Oprah during the show and then . . . talk about what you learned.  This takes television viewing to a new level and opens the door for community healing.  Of course, there is something in it for you.  In addition to having fun with friends and family, we have a special gift for you.  Send us your Menu and Guest List for the evening, in return we will send a gift to the largest group with the best menu. The gift is a surprise but we know you will like it.  Send your menu to

PREMIER Saturday, September 15th.
10 pm (EST) 9 pm (CST)
Check for the Channel Listing in your area.