The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary
P.O. Box 548 
611 Twisted Oak Lane
Effort, Pennsylvania 18330
                                           "Love Knows No Distance"

Meet Your Spirit Guides Workshop
Saturday, February 2nd
10AM to 4PM

All human beings have Five Spirit Guides, who have chosen us and have been with us since birth. These amazing Spirit Friends watch over us and are always ready to offer help and advice whenever needed, especially in difficult situations.


These invaluable Spirit Friends, live in the Spirit world and have devoted themselves to helping us in every area of our lives, including enhancing our psychic and mediumship abilities.


This workshop, connecting you stronger with your Spirit Guides, will bring your gifts and abilities to a whole new level!






 Advanced Mediumship Intensive Workshop

Saturday, February 23rd

10AM to 4PM



This workshop is designed specifically for Mediums who are already connecting and desire to strengthen their gifts and abilities, allowing for stronger and more evidential information from the world of Spirit.


Our obligation to Spirit is to get it right. Although monies may be exchanged between the Medium and the Sitter, we (Mediums) work for Spirit. Therefore, evidential information is key.


This workshop is not for the beginner...however, all are welcome to learn the correct strengthening techniques which will enhance future readings.





Located on a mountaintop, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, the Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary welcomes fellow travelers who seek to share, learn and enhance their own gifts and abilities.  Along with Gloria J. Weichand, Spiritual Evidential Medium, Founder and Program Director of the Center, world renowned Mediums and Psychics are brought in to teach and share their own techniques in dealing with the metaphysical world.  This is a place of truth and growth...a light and sanctuary to all who enter.  All done in accordance with God's love and light.