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Big Congrats to Open Blue Cobia: Now a Seafood Watch "Good Alternative"
It's a great time to be a lover of Cobia! Open Blue Cobia has just been upgraded to a yellow "Good Alternative" by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, a major player in the world of sustainable seafood practices. The company managed to step up their game and reduce the amount of fishmeal and fish oil used to raise its Cobia. This is great news for anyone who is concerned about the state of aquaculture, and this is a fish that we can all enjoy guilty-free. It's delicious and versatile, with a never-ending amount of applications of use. "Open Blue's demonstrated ability to quickly reduce the ratio [of feed] and commit to continued improvement allowed the Seafood Watch administrators to improve the rating," Open Blue Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bernie Leger said in a press release. 

What's Swimmin'
As we approach a very busy time of year for fishmongers and chefs alike, availability of wild fish may become...a wild card.  Especially considering any inclement weather that occurs.  Most recently, a closing of pound net and gillnet Fluke fishing has tightened up this market. In addition, Fluke season is closed in northern states until the quota is renewed early next year, so this popular fish has a decreased availability. Samuels is bringing in what is available from the Carolina and Virginia fishermen who have remaining quota. Stay updated with your sales agent for developing conditions.  Meanwhile, these same fishermen are reeling in nice Black Sea Bass of all sizes and this delicious fish should remain a good choice throughout our busy month.  Also in season are Porgies, caught off Block Island, RI and Florida coast Spanish Mackerel.  Before Striped Bass make their way further south, we're bringing in this fish from Maryland.  You can also catch excellent American Red Snapper, New England Monkfish, Skate and medium Squid.  

Open Season for Nova Scotia Lobster
'Tis the season: Lobster Season officially opened in some of the largest areas of Nova Scotia on Monday. Roughly 1,500 boats went out and the high winds of the area slowed them down at the start. However, December is a great time for serving Lobsters, and Nova Scotia is historically known for bringing in 60% of the Canadian catch every year, and the season lasts until Spring. At Samuels, we have our Live Lobster Room, which is a state-of-the-art facility. It holds a Lobster capacity of 20,000 pounds and has a regulated bacterial system with a water filter shower, bringing you fresh, clean, and purged Lobsters daily. We have Lobsters of all sizes, and they are perfect for New Year's Eve celebrations and any other holiday party you have planned. This popular crustacean is the lifeblood of the many fishing communities that exist in Nova Scotia and it goes without saying that if you haven't had a Nova Scotia Lobster, you haven't really had a Lobster.

See The Quality Yourself
What says quality better than bringing in a fish and looking into clear eyes and bright gills?  With Norwegian aquaculture raised Halibut, you get exactly this.  When Wild Halibut prices are up and availability is decreased, take advantage of an excitingly fresh Halibut choice from Norway.  We provide this fish head on, gills in and gutted.  They range from 10-15, 15-20 and 20 lb and up fish and offer a similar flavor to Wild Halibut great for the wide range of cooking applications to which this fish lends itself.  

Pompano is Coming Back in The House
We expect our first shipment to arrive here mid-December. The incoming shipment is expecting whole 1 ¼ - 1 ½ pound fish, all raised off the coast of Panama.  This is the same fish as Florida Pompano, which is typically known as a recreational fishing favorite from Virginia to Texas and it's part of the Jack family of fish. With its excellent flavor, it's most often enjoyed as a whole fish. 

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