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The Really?? Rants Continue!!

Laughing Man

We have talked about ...Really?? moments for a while.Some may think ...really Jeff, more Really?? articles?
The reality is that there are several facets to Really Moments in our personal and professional lives. Really?? We have received great feedback on these and seemingly have touched on a hot button. 


For those who missed these Rants, the first rant is here and the second rant is here.
In this issue, we feature a guest commentator. Nowell Wisch is a multi-line rep from Southern California and a great wordsmith.  When I asked him to write this topic from his perspective I knew I had the right person to do the job. I encourage you to check out what Nowell has to say in his thought provoking commentary, A Rant in Sheep's Clothing. 
On a side note, I personally have been doing battle with our "former" cell phone carrier, Sprint. I invite you to check out this "dramedy", Sprint...Cell Phone Coverage You Can Die From. There are good business lessons here including a great story on how Amazon does business shared by Jeffery Gitomer. 

Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS

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Exclusive Education Experiences!
FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences
We Had a Great Response to Our June SuccessTracks Sessions:

Maurice DiMino
Creating Your Verbal Business Card 
Presented by:
Award-Winning Toastmaster,  



"Jeff, thank you so much for the wonderful webinar yesterday. I have been in this industry for 35 years, and still learn!! The Verbal Business card had so much good information."   
Jeanne Slack, MAS, JS Promotions, Inc.

  The recording of this session can be found here.


Jeff Tobe Headshot
Coloring Outside the Lines...
Recreating the Customer Experience 

Presented by: 


"Thank you Jeff! I am truly enjoying and gaining knowledge from the webinars you are doing, I learned from Jeff Tobe so many years ago, I can't even remember. I purchased his (cassette!) tapes, including the last one with classical music on it. He's a great speaker and makes so much sense."    Robert Barnett, PromoZ Unlimited 
The recording of this session can be found here.


More Great Education Experiences are Coming!
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My Own Personal Business Horror Story!
Sprint...Now Leaving   
My dealings with Sprint have been pretty dysfunctional. For those interested in bad business stories, check this out.Your input is welcomed!
Sprint...Cell Coverage You Can Die From!
SAAC Show Re-Launches Coupon Program
The Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC), the Southern California region's nonprofit association, is relaunching its coupon program at its 2013 SAAC Show. Previously distributed in print and CD formats, the coupons will now be in a digital PDF format and include online promo codes, making them significantly easier to redeem. The full story can be found here!
SAAC Show General
More Information and the Link  
to Register Can Be Found Here
Deep Thoughts from Multi-Line Rep Nowell Wisch
Salesman Cartoon
"Multi-line Rep Rant's to the right of me.
Multi-line Rep Rant's to the left of me.
Multi-line Rep Rant's behind me and
Multi-line Rep Rant's before me..." 
Well, OK, maybe not a "rant" per se. 
Why would a multi-line rep rant at the very customer base necessary for his survival? Because when you've been contacted by Jeff, you can't say no and he asked for a "Rant". This is a "rant in sheep's clothing" since it is a cautionary tale at worst and a plea at best. It is a "Why should I talk to you?" and "What do I get for my precious time?"