JUNE 2016

We're nearing the peak of the Evergreen season in the Pacific Northwest. Days are warm and l ong, farmers market tables are filling up with early summer produce and school kids are counting down to vacation. Come on, summer, we're ready! Local strawberries, sugar snaps and morels are some seasonal favorites making an appearance on the Lark menu right now.  Finding inspiration for new recipes at this time of year is easy, with new ingredients coming to market every few weeks. 

Speaking of recipes, do you have a copy of the Lark cookbook? It is a labor of love, and its been thrilling to see the original book embraced by Lark customers and home cooks.  We're very excited to announce a new edition of the Lark cookbook, published by Sasquatch Books and scheduled to be released in August. This edition will be softcover, beautifully produced with a new look. It will also contain a brand new chapter devoted to the home pantry. We are sharing recipes for Lark's favorite kitchen staples, from bitters and syrups to dressings and smoked foods, 25 new recipes in all. The book is available for pre-order from Amazon and other booksellers. Buy a copy now to ensure that it arrives on your doorstep on the release date!

A new, softcover edition of the Lark cookbook will be released in August.

We expect to be harvesting from our new plot in the sky by mid-July. If you missed details about Lark's hyperlocal farming venture, read last month's newsletter here. Follow the rooftop farm's progress via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Big thanks to Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing and Seattle Urban Farm Company for inviting us to collaborate in this pioneering project.

We'll see you soon at Lark, Bitter/Raw or Slab Sandwiches + Pie. Enjoy the first days of summer!

John Sundstrom