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May 21,  2013
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A New Era for Home Education in Iowa!!


Praise God for moving the hearts of those in authority! We started this legislative session assuming it would be a slow year and that most of our attention would be focused on defense and protecting the status quo. We were wrong on both counts. Not only was it a very active year, but God opened doors for us to advance the key pieces of our legislative agenda for 2013!!


Today the Iowa Legislature passed Governor Branstad's Education Reform package (HF 215). After a long, hard battle this session, the Education Reform bill contains three major advances for home school freedom in Iowa, namely:


  1. Optional Reporting Under Competent Private Instruction. If you like completing CPI Forms and annual assessments to send to your school district each year, you may continue to do so. If you do not, you may choose not to do so. Some simple wording changes make annual filing and reporting under CPI completely optional! Access to dual enrollment, home school assistance programs, and nonaccredited private schools, however, all remain intact.
  2. Independent Private Instruction. The Iowa Code will also include a new home schooling option that not only eliminates annual reporting to the state, but also makes home schooling more accessible to modern-day families. IPI will allow up to four unrelated students to be part of a home school program, opening the option of home education to foster children, single mothers, and others.
  3. Parent-Taught Driver Education. Long sought by NICHE and Iowa home schoolers, we will now be able to teach our children in the last subject matter that required separate certified instruction. Parental involvement is the number one factor in preparing good teen drivers, and we will now be able to show that loving parental instruction is the only factor needed. This has worked well in other states, and we are thrilled that Iowa will join those states.


Governor Branstad still needs to sign this bill for it to become law, but there is no concern there. After all, it is his Education Reform bill!


There will be more to follow on this in the next issue of Homeschool Iowa magazine, but we owe much gratitude to our friends in the governor's office, the legislature, and the school choice advocates for their commitment to making this happen. We are also grateful to Scott Woodruff at Home School Legal Defense for his help in drafting and promoting these pieces of legislation.  The pieces that had to coalesce for this to happen could only have been at the hand of kind Providence.


Thanks for all you do to make home schooling work in Iowa!


Bill Gustoff

Bill Gustoff

NICHE Legislative Liaison 


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