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This Week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry

California Sheephead Wrasse
with a spicy orange dill sauce

Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

Our Fresh Fish UN-Fry this weekend introduces a delectable species we've never featured before. A fish we suspect many of our guests have never even heard of, much less had the opportunity to enjoy.

A relative to grouper, California sheephead wrasse live in rocky reef and kelp bed habitats off the Pacific Coast of southern California, from Monterey Bay to the Gulf of California. Our fish purveyor highly recommends them for their grouper-like texture and sweet shellfish flavor...owing to their primary diet of sea urchins, mollusks, lobsters, and crabs.

An interesting fact about this species is that, like many members of the wrasse family, sheephead are protogynous. Meaning that all are born female, and the largest individuals become male due to hormonal changes triggered by social cues. This characteristic makes them especially vulnerable to overfishing in traditional fisheries that tend to remove the largest fish, typically males, which can skew the male-to-female ratio and negatively affect populations. The fish we're bringing in are line caught from a fishery certified as sustainable by the Seafood Watch program at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

A unique and flavorful fish you can feel good about eating. Come check it out at the Rookery this weekend!

This Weekend's Music Lineup
Two Long-Time Rookery Favorites

Tomorrow (Friday) evening we're pleased to welcome back Yazmín to the Rookery's outdoor stage. It will be her first appearance here THIS summer. However, Yazmí­n has the distinction of being one of our youngest musicians AND most terms of her overall number of performances since the launch of our summer music series six years ago.

A native of Washburn who grew up in and around the Big Top Chautauqua (singing a song she'd written with her mother on stage at the tender age of three), Yazmín performs many of her own original Indie, folk, and pop compositions. Her songs draw from deep musical wells that span Caribbean rhythms and ancient Celtic melodies. Last winter she studied music and dance in Havana, Cuba and is still fresh with the flavors and melodies of that country. "They speak of love, heartbreak, beauty, and the realness of the human experience," she says. Come travel with Yazmín to Cuba and beyond tomorrow evening.

Then on Sunday afternoon Davey J returns to the Rookery for the second time in nine days. It's an encore performance designed for Rookery music fans who weren't able to catch his performance here last Friday evening, or simply would love to see him again. Of all the talented musicians to grace our stage each summer, Davey J's repertoire probably is the most eclectic, ranging from blues to rock and roll, reggae to roots. How many musicians do you know who follow up a classic Roy Orbison tune with a rock anthem by Led Zeppelin?

It's your second and only remaining chance this summer to see that happen, right here at the Rookery.  See you this weekend!

5-8 PM Friday

Davey J
2-5 PM Sunday
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